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Flying on Fios

September 15, 2008

After over a month of waiting, I finally got Fios installed.  I ranted an raved on my Twitter about how it was

such a pain to get these people on the phone and set up an install time and a package.  They screwed up my

order, couldn’t find my destination.. but then they found my tweets.

The Fios twitter guy

sent me a DM and tried to help me.  I am sure that they wanted me to shut up on Twitter.

The guy, Mike, came promptly at 8 AM and even let me have some time to wake up.  He went right to work and then took a lunch break.  He had some issues and wasn’t even able to set up the Fios software on my Mac because their software wasn’t Mac compatible.  It was funny because the install guy didn’t even recognize my Mac book.  He messed up the WEP password because he said he had “fat fingers” and had a hard time typing.  They were both learning how to install FIOS but were happy about it because they were bored setting up the past way.

They did not look like the “jerk face fios guy” who used the Bindle to do installs.  They didn’t even have the Bindle.  They had little beeper things and crappy little Tough Books.  But they did a good job.  I am flying!  My internet is so fast!

I also spent over a month with no Cable TV.  Thank god for HULU.  Without Hulu I wouldn’t be watching so many great new shows like Arrested Development. So, now I can watch anything (including client channels).  I am watching HBO and the other movie channels and I have DVR! I was so bored…

Now even Ish can wacth TV because before this he was watching himself on Youtube.