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T-mobile’s Blackberry Curve 8310

December 10, 2007

Today I received the Blackberry Curve 8310 for T-mobile at my office.  I am very excited to use and play with this phone.  A huge step up from my T-mobile MDA.T-mobile MDA

The T-mobile MDA was a nice phone that ran Windows Mobile.  It’s open close function was tight and did not slide open as nice as the newer phones do.  I was unable to download ringtones and it was close to impossible to sync it up to my pc.  Every time I connected the phone to the pc, I would get an error message that my phone was not able to support the data.

Also, as I wrote about previously, T-mobile cannot access Facebook.  Which for me is a huge disadvantage.    The only updating I did from my MDA was for My Twitter.

The Blackberry Curve 8310 includes GPS (which if anyone knows me personally, knows I have a horrible sense of direction), which should come in handy. It also has signature Blackberry e-mail, web browsing, and Faceberry.

I am looking for great review sites, and help sites for the Blackberry Curve.  If anybody can direct me to them I would greatly appreciate it.


Why doesn’t T-Mobile support Facebook?!

October 23, 2007

There are so many neat things you can do using Facebook Mobile. You can update your Status & Upload your mobile pictures. Facebook currently supports every carrier except for T-Mobile. So where do I send my complaints!?

My feed today shows pictures uploaded by a mobile device and I can’t do it. How is this going to fly when I plan on getting a Blackberry Curve in a few months. I am pretty much stuck with T-Mobile until I die anyway.

I plan to write T-Mobile and Facebook an e-mail demanding to know why they have yet to collaborate. You’d think T-Mobile, the trendy phone provider would be up with things like Facebook. I just don’t understand.

Should I switch plans? Is T-Mobile even worthy of my membership knowing that they are not involved with my most favorite Social Media Website ever?

Please comment!