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Social Media is Fattening!

January 7, 2008


Warning: This is a RANT. It is completely my opinion. There are no calories in Social Media…..

In every effort to keep the holiday spirit alive, I have been doing a lot of research on New Years Resolutions and how it played a big role on Social Media websites. Personally, I have made many New Years Resolutions not only for my usage of Social Media, but personally.   How lovely I can intertwine the two!

Call me a pessimist, but I feel that Social Media has a huge impact on my energy levels.  I notice that I have seriously put all of my energy and thought into Social Media.  It tires me out… I look at the time on my laptop and it is already 11PM by the time I am done with my nightly updates. I Sometimes choose to check my readers instead of working out, or walk the dog.  Now this is a contradiction to my Resolutions!!

How does one make Resolutions to do a better job of understanding and keeping up with over 25 Social Networks, reading more blogs and Working out more & Living a Healthy Lifestyle? I try to practice healthy balances… How does everyone else do it?

I saw this post once on Edgadget of a laptop on a treadmill…

I wonder how the people in my office would feel if I moved this into my cubical?!

laptop treadmill


Blogs you must Feed!

December 25, 2007

I had a weird experience today…

My mother (who doesn’t even have her own email address) and who I am teaching about SEO and blogging, sent me a link to the Top Rank Blog with a list of Must ReadBIGLIST SEO Blogs compiled by Lee Odden. Odden is one of my favorite bloggers and speakers.

Lee Odden

Going through the list, adding to my Bloglines, and reading reading reading! I have a lot of new blogs to discover. I found a few good ones like:

  • Internet News – A general internet marketing and search news blog by Gwen Harris.
  • Nic ‘n Cher – Nicola Young from Scotland and Cheryl Clark from Canada are thoroughly enthusiastic about SEO and PPC and the writing shows.
  • NewspaperGrl – Janet Meiners writes about internet and affiliate marketing.
  • SEOidiot – Paul Madden is a cartoonist, designer, salesman, blackhat, & SEO.

….It is a really BIG list and I have tons more feeding to do.

And of course there are the classics, including 10e20Chris Winfield and team blog about search marketing, social media and design.- Which was the first ever SEO blog I read, and is the perfect example Winfield gave as to why having the name 10e20, got them to the top of search and lists.

So my mother asked, “Why isn’t your blog listed honey?” And while this blog is totally a baby in the blogosphere, my other blog is listed!!

SEO Chicks – Julie Joyce, Lisa Ditlefsen and Anita Chaperon are women, or as they prefer to be called, “chicks” who know SEO and PPC. They decided after a few beers during a London conference that it was time to get some female attitude into the SEO & SEM blogosphere and here they are with lots of great photos from the recent SMX conference.

I just need to ask Odden to add my name!

Alternative Discovery and SEO

December 6, 2007
  Alternative Discovery and SEO – Feeds, PDF’s, and Blog SEO

Rick Klau

Moderator: Joe Laratro
Rick Klau, Strategic Partner Development , Google
Stephan Spencer, Founder & President , Netconcepts
George Aspland, Founder & President, eVision, LLC

Rick Klau, Strategic Partner Development for Google, was an excellent speaker who discussed the “no index” rule that both Google and Yahoo are respecting for RSS feeds.  Klau, who used to be with Feedburner, discussed how Feedburner offers free pro features now that they have been acquired by Google.  Klau also recommends feeding any site content for SEO purposes.  A site feed acts as a poor man’s site map, interesting!

For serious bloggers, Klau recommends checking out, which is a site that analyzes similar content and shows relationships.

Looking for more ways of distributing content? Klau recommends using Facebook professionally and importing your blog feed to distribute your RSS to all of your friends.

Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts gave the best blogging advice I have ever heard.  He gave quick tips, that are helpful and to the point.  You can read all of his blogging tips on his blog.

Las Vegas PubCon 2007: Day One Recap

December 5, 2007

Craig NewmarkToday was day one of Webmaster World’s Pubcon and to kick off the event was Craig Newmark, the creator of Craigslist who now works in Customer Service. Nemark gave a brief history of Craigslist and stated that he developed the brand completely by accident.

Craigslist, is up to 9 Billion page views per month which is only 8 million page views more than it was 8 years ago. I really thought that I would be hearing bigger numbers here, but there is no reason for Newmark to complain.

Craig says: “I kind of suck as a writer”….and of course you can judge yourself by reading his Blog.

His advice to online marketers actually utilizing Craigslist is to not miss use the system and to of course analyze CL culture before you decide to actually use it as a marketing tool. Newmark says that it can be ethical to do SEM on Craigslist but it is important to play by the rules or you will be flagged.

Social Marketing 101 : the Playing Field


This session discussed Personal, B2C, and B2B Social Media strategies for brand value and longevity. It is encouraged to use YouTube, Google Video, etc to promote your business.

Monetizing Social Media Traffic:

Speakers: Vanessa Fox, Michael Gray, Alexander Barbara, Laura Fitton:

    • Fox discussed the importance of keeping traffic by creating viral material but also having secondary content to keep people interested.
    • Fox also spoke about Search Traffic being more valuable than Social Media Traffic because Search Traffic= determined views and Social Media traffic= web browsers with no specific target interest.
    • Gray spoke about generated sales through SMM being most effective for physical products, consumer goods, impulse sales, and gadgets.
    • Gray also stated that if used correctly Digg can generate traffic that is anywhere from 60-100 page views per second!
    • Fitton suggested using Twitter for business. She recommends twittering about sales, and specials.
    • Fitton also suggests that we should look to the future and help people “buy”

Link Building Campaigns & Strategies:

Speakers: Jim Boykin, Rae Hoffman, Roger Montti, Greg Hartnett

  • Boykins’ speach discusses submitting sites to directories, writing to people to generate relationships, proving your human, telling webmaster HOW to link back to your site.
  • Boykin also discussed the importance of research. It is important to make sure that all link building is relevant to your content.
  • Hartnett stated the importance that directories are NOT the same as Paid links. He discusses how good directories have good sites and they are NOT all paid sites. It also helps for relevant traffic. People who use directories are experienced searchers and are looking for something specific.
  • Hoffman discussed the ups and downs of outsourcing link development. She thinks it is much better to train in-house link developers and monitor their work carefully until they have their “license”.
  • Montti spoke about link buys and banner ads. He also stated how important relevance to content is imperative when buying links.

Social Media & Search:

Speakers: Misty Locke, Chris Winfield, Liana Evans, Bill Hartzer

  • Hartzer discussed the keys to a successful SMM campaign: Vote, Participate, Add Friends, and Build Your Profile. “Do your daily homework”
  • Evans spoke about starting conversations to introduce your brand. She gave an important case study of the hardships of promoting competitive industries.
  • Winfield’s presentation gave terrific examples of why Search Marketing should always be using in conjunction with Social Marketing. He also shared a case study which proved that sales can be generated by Social Marketing if the correct approach is taken.
  • Winfield brought up important facts about traffic. Google traffic is sustained but the Digg effect can usually bring 10-50K visitors within 24 hours. Digg having the ability to influence the social media, should always be used along side SEM.

Pubcon Session

“Social Media is about breaking down barriers to engage in conversations”

November 14, 2007

Social Media is about breaking down barriers to engage in conversations.”

“Relationships are the new metric for ROI.”

-These are just two quotes from an amazing blog post I read today. “Conversational Marketing Vs. Market Conversations”

It really gets me thinking… With all the hype on Social Networks and people being put together by grouping, and links, does everyone become a salesman/ or marketer?

In my experience, ever since customized AOL Member Profiles, people have been selling themselves. Now with the Myspace & Facebook evolution, everyone has a crooked picture (the angles) and they are promoting a blog that they are trying to sell ads on so they wont have to work at Starbucks….. (I guess that was harsh) But what about us, the online marketers who really have business to promote…. a lot of times we fall in the cracks.

It almost seems that all online marketers, must must must be  prominent figures amongst many in online communities.

A lot of marketers I have spoken to even do most of their work on online communities. Get to the top of your community, target your fans, and promote your product. This is the formula I see every day.

In “Conversational Marketing Vs. Market Conversations”, Brian Solis discusses the right way to be a marketer in a place where everyone is a salesman. We must all listen to the market, before we participate. This taught me a lot because many times I feel so eager to just jump into the industry, instead of sitting back and observing the entire spectrum.

The best way to do even the most important aspects of Search Marketing (PPC, Keyword Advertising, PPL, etc) is to analyze your market for a period of time until you feel completely ready to promote to the target. And these methods are considered “traditional”, yet still completely necessary.

So while it is tempting to jump head first into the industry, it is also important to understand how everything works and to prepare for the future, because this might be “The Year of Facebook”, but who knows what next year will bring.

… The ironic thing about this is the fact that I found this posted on Sphinn. It was posted by “Lyndon”, (a top “Sphinner”)and while I don’t know who he is… I know he posts some great articles on Sphinn!

Going to Webmaster World’s: PubCon 2007 Las Vegas

October 24, 2007

I found out about PubCon in Las Vegas and at first thought that I wasn’t ready to attend such a grand event. But, why should I think that?? The site, clearly states:”Who should attend?

If you are involved in the production, marketing, or management of a internet web site – this is a must attend event.

Topic Areas To Be Addressed and Discussed:

* Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, Advertising, and Usage.
* Website Publishing. Technical grit as well as overall management.
* Website, domain, and Ecommerce site management.

During the time of the convention I will be managing 3 websites (2 being E-Commerce)and overseeing the development. * This was an old post on my other blog, and since then I have obtained new clients!

I have really learned a lot just through eBooks alone, but of course I’m still a beginner. I work side by side now with a development company and they have taught me so much.
I might not write code for my websites, but I have A LOT to do with every little thing. It’s become something I have a real passion for and I want to absorb it all! What better way than by just jumping in. I really look forward to this convention being extremely educational as well as a way to meet people who are doing what I want to do.

At first I was a bit intimidated by going to something like this, but having the support of my employer and the drive to learn more has definitely made me very confident that it will be tremendous for me. Also, it will definitely prep me for my Certificate in Internet Marketing.
I’m very excited but also very nervous. This will be my first ever business trip and I will be going alone to Las Vegas for 4 nights! I’m not so much interested in the night life part of it (I know this sounds like a lie), but more interested in waking up by 7:30 to be able to attend all the speeches on topics like: Brand Management, Affiliate Strategies and Content Strategies, E-comerce and Shopping Cart Optimization, Word of Mouth Marketing, Press and Public Relation Campaigns, Travel Sites, and more…
I booked the Las Vegas Hilton which is a short walk from the Convention Center with hopes of networking with other people who are attending the convention. My plans are not to drink or gamble but to mingle and learn. (* Well…. )I look at PubCon as a huge opportunity to learn and create.

I am really excited to go with my ever so talented friends at 10e20, Chris & Danielle Winfield. Chris will be speaking at the convention on the first day… So don’t miss him because he is so smart when it comes to SEO. He recently spoke at SMX and got amazing reviews. I have been lucky enough to receive great pointers from him when it comes to SEO and SMM.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Pubcon, networking, drinking and learning. If you will be attending, contact me! I will be staying at the Las Vegas Hilton, across from the Convention Center.  Add me as a Facebook Friend!