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Seven: DVF &

March 7, 2008


DVF is one of the most empowering woman of our time. She designs clothing to make women feel Powerful, Beautiful and Strong. In honor of International Women’s Day, DVF has tons of stuff going on!

Watching Seven, the audience full of strong women; celebrities, journalists, women of congress, and award winners. Everyone one of them dressed beautifully, their eyes glued to the stage. Each actress is telling their stories, how they became strong, and why they stood up for their rights and never gave up. The stories so powerful, both audience and actresses coming to tears….


Live Blogging from DVF in Downtown NYC

March 6, 2008


Tonight I am honored to be a guest at a play put on by DVF & Vital Voices; Seven. Seven is about seven amazing women. Tonight we are celebrating a Decade of Investing in Women to Improve the World. The play highlights seven extremely influential women from all around the world! Read the rest of this entry »