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iPod Loyalty

January 10, 2008

ipod It was only two holiday seasons ago that I received my first iPod as a gift from my parents. I was a bit later than the crowd, having enjoyed CD’s and being a musician, not wanting to go digital for what it was doing to the music industry.

It was in my Music Business class in college that it dawned on me that there was no way out and my love for music, gadgets, and culture must evolve and begin to use digital music gadgets.

Automatically, I wanted an iPod. Who had a better marketing campaign, acclaim, and cutting edge design? No other player would be acceptable. When I received my first iPod Nano that holiday season, I was really excited to take part in the downfall of CD sales.

Two years later having been surprised with a 3rd Generation iPod Nano, I have noticed that people who use iPods usually never make a switch to any others like Microsoft’s Zune, or Creatives, no matter how many great reviews these products receive. Surely, other brands have loyal consumers of their own, but it is nothing compared to Apple.

Apple’s release of the iTouch and iPhone this past year continued to further the domination of the industry. The appeal of the brand is just too much to resist. If I wasn’t equally loyal to my Blackberry, I would have purchased an iPhone.

The iPod 3rd Generation Nano is fantastic. I give it 9/10. CNet gave it 8/10 because they were not crazy about the new size, which I agree with. Ergonomically, I am not comfortable holding it….yet. I also love the 3 games it comes with because I am one of these people who can’t always read on my 2 hour train ride home.

Becoming so loyal to the Apple brand also made me feel more comfortable switching operating systems. Scary huh?

It made me wonder: How much popular is Nelly Furtado now compared to her pre-Apple branding days?


T-mobile’s Blackberry Curve 8310

December 10, 2007

Today I received the Blackberry Curve 8310 for T-mobile at my office.  I am very excited to use and play with this phone.  A huge step up from my T-mobile MDA.T-mobile MDA

The T-mobile MDA was a nice phone that ran Windows Mobile.  It’s open close function was tight and did not slide open as nice as the newer phones do.  I was unable to download ringtones and it was close to impossible to sync it up to my pc.  Every time I connected the phone to the pc, I would get an error message that my phone was not able to support the data.

Also, as I wrote about previously, T-mobile cannot access Facebook.  Which for me is a huge disadvantage.    The only updating I did from my MDA was for My Twitter.

The Blackberry Curve 8310 includes GPS (which if anyone knows me personally, knows I have a horrible sense of direction), which should come in handy. It also has signature Blackberry e-mail, web browsing, and Faceberry.

I am looking for great review sites, and help sites for the Blackberry Curve.  If anybody can direct me to them I would greatly appreciate it.