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Blogs you must Feed!

December 25, 2007

I had a weird experience today…

My mother (who doesn’t even have her own email address) and who I am teaching about SEO and blogging, sent me a link to the Top Rank Blog with a list of Must ReadBIGLIST SEO Blogs compiled by Lee Odden. Odden is one of my favorite bloggers and speakers.

Lee Odden

Going through the list, adding to my Bloglines, and reading reading reading! I have a lot of new blogs to discover. I found a few good ones like:

  • Internet News – A general internet marketing and search news blog by Gwen Harris.
  • Nic ‘n Cher – Nicola Young from Scotland and Cheryl Clark from Canada are thoroughly enthusiastic about SEO and PPC and the writing shows.
  • NewspaperGrl – Janet Meiners writes about internet and affiliate marketing.
  • SEOidiot – Paul Madden is a cartoonist, designer, salesman, blackhat, & SEO.

….It is a really BIG list and I have tons more feeding to do.

And of course there are the classics, including 10e20Chris Winfield and team blog about search marketing, social media and design.- Which was the first ever SEO blog I read, and is the perfect example Winfield gave as to why having the name 10e20, got them to the top of search and lists.

So my mother asked, “Why isn’t your blog listed honey?” And while this blog is totally a baby in the blogosphere, my other blog is listed!!

SEO Chicks – Julie Joyce, Lisa Ditlefsen and Anita Chaperon are women, or as they prefer to be called, “chicks” who know SEO and PPC. They decided after a few beers during a London conference that it was time to get some female attitude into the SEO & SEM blogosphere and here they are with lots of great photos from the recent SMX conference.

I just need to ask Odden to add my name!



October 26, 2007

Tonight I had a conversation with a very close friend who is trying to break into the world of writing.

Naturally, I explained to her it is much easier to blog and get the same response at a quicker rate.

It is the natural progression for very powerful authors to become very powerful bloggers. I have noticed that a lot of my favorite authors have made the switch. Of course it really depends on the style of writing they do. But columnists for the New Yorker are also Bloggers.

I obviously told her to research the hundreds of blogs about SEO and Blogging, because those are the two secrets of becoming a “Power Blogger”. But personally I don’t feel like I have enough experience to guide her.

Is it easier to blog about a niche? I’d think so. What is the best affiliate network to work with? How do you explain PPC to a beginner? How do you convince a talented write to blog? These are my questions. Of course once there is valuable content it is easy to promote on social platforms and various SEO tools/ Content Promotion sites, like Digg and But how do you convince a friend to break in?!

I’m sure I will find the answers to these questions when I network @ Pubcon.

Any further advice for my friend would be appreciated!

You can read her blog now here: My Pop Roks