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1 Mixxed Up Month!

December 19, 2007

It’s been about a month that I have been using Mixx, and I do love it overall.

Things I love about Mixx:

  • It is user friendly
  • It is not saturated with competitive members (yet!)
  • It allows me to complain about members who vote down my content out of spite. (yes this happened)
  • Mixx does not mind if you Mixx your blog.
  • There are easy tagging options
  • It’s sooo easy to vote & see votes (And even easier to vote on all of your friends stories!)
  • There are many “front” page option, not just popular.
  • Some Top Diggers have been using Mixx, making it more popular.

Things I HATE about Mixx:

  •  The constant e-mail updates I was getting in my mailbox & my Blackberry until I opted out.
  • How people put things in every single category, when they shouldn’t.
  • Red & Sky Blue color scheme (my opinion)
  • That you can’t put a link in your Public Profile
  • Mean and Nasty diggers who are trying to abuse Mixx

To sum things up, I love Mixx way more than I hate it. I see it being improved a little, but besides that.. It’s like a fun new toy.


Facebook for Business: This Changes Everything.

November 12, 2007

I recently took a short hiatus of a few days just to catch up. I come back and all of a sudden there is Facebook business. So I quickly go over to my favorite Facebook blog: Face Reviews and read this: ” The New Facebook Pages just went live 2 hours ago. Business, bands, etc. can now set up a Facebook Pages page. This is really a pretty solid experience and bug free right out of the gate. This is an easy way to get your brand onto facebook. The features are fairly robust and work very similarly to facebook groups. Except there are actually pushes of data to tell people about action from the pages. Nice! You can actually have “Fans” which is kind of cool.”

After taking a look into each section, it seems really wonderful. However, it is really confusing to search for other businesses, bands, artists, etc. Or that could just be me. I’m sure as time goes on, most people in the Social Media realm will catch on, changes will be made, and it will be another great tool to promote business online. It almost makes it simple enough to sell your product online without even having to have a website……Oh wait- That’s exactly what it’s doing!

After building your companies Facebook Page, you can promote your page to your target audience, Create Polls, Research your target, Get stats, etc. There is even an Overview section where you can track your progress with traffic reports. Of course I believe you still have to track your own sales.

It really is quite complex! You can add just about anything to your page and utilize different applications as well. Kind of makes me wonder what level of success I could have brought my band to with this tool, considering how we used our Myspace, and we did that the hard way (sending single messages to potential fans). We were lucky if we sold one t-shirt in a month.

In my opinion, Facebook Pages should be kept simple like Red’s. It is important to supply enough gloss to the page to promote the actual product but I certainly do not want to see things “pimped out” or blinking. The true appeal to Facebook is that it is consistent on keeping things simple….with the exception of Applications (which I will get into at another time).

For more updates on Facebook Business- read the Face Reviews Blog.

Down goes the industry!

October 30, 2007

As few may know, I used to be the front of a semi-popular NYC based music group called, Dayglow.  Being a part of that group taught me things that I may never learn anywhere else.  To make it in the worlds most difficult/saturated industry, takes endless hours of preparation and dedication!  We found ourselves working at our craft day and night for almost five years.  It took that long for our music to be heard by a few guys  under this guy:

Jeff Zucker is the CEO of NBC Universal. Please hold all comments until after the post!!  This morning I woke up and checked my Bloglines as usual and saw that Engadget posted a really amusing story about Zucker.

Seems like Zucker “flat-out said that Apple and iTunes had “destroyed the music business” in terms of pricing and that video was next unless “we take control.”

Seems like the $10 subscriptions to the Universal music catalogs are just not working.   iTunes brings in tons more money than Universal, who would’ve thought that would happen.  And apparently iTunes only paid Universal $15 Million on the sales, with NBC Universal giving the most content, surely that number is incorrect.

Two years ago, as I prayed for a record deal, I never thought that the music industry would be taking the nosedive it is today.  With the emergence of Live Nation and Myspace Records, the industry will take care of itself and grow to the new systems happening around it, but the death of the “Big Boys” is unavoidable.