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Vote for Me to be a Social Media Ninja!

January 4, 2008

                 SM ninja

I am running for Social Media Ninja over at Collective Thoughts.

Even though I am a baby in the community… I would really appreciate if YOU could vote for ME.

Here are the contest rules:

1 – Please only vote for one candidate.
2 – Votes must be received by Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 at midnight GMT.
3 – Candidates cannot vote for themselves.
4 – The decision of the Collective Thoughts team is final.



(What are my chances of winning with this goofy picture!?)

PS: I think it is pretty cool to be best known for Mixx.


10 Websites that Lived in my Tabs during 2007

December 27, 2007

Mozilla2007 was a huge year for Web 2.0 and my Firefox browser! Becoming almost unbearable, there are multiple sites that must be updated and checked on an hourly basis. Thank goodness for RSS readers. With the uproar of Social News, Social Media, and the overwhelming number of blogs to read, I thought it was about time to pay homage to the sites that have been living in my Firefox tabs.

  1. Facebook– As I discussed in my latest SEO Chicks post…this was the year of Facebook.                                                                                                                             Facebook
  2. Stumble Upon– This great tool can generate huge traffic spikes or keep you entertained for hours. Don’t forget to “Stumble” all my posts. There is also a topnotch Facebook application for Stumble Upon users. Stumble
  3. Digg*- Such controversy that I can’t help but to partake. Digg is often fun but also really annoying. I keep it open in my browser because I have a lot of friends articles to digg. “Gotta Digg”                                     digg
  4. Twitter– I’m really on the fence about Twitter. I get it and its fun and a great attention getter for 5 minutes… I’m not sure if I could ever get used to doing it. I tried doing it from my Blackberry, from IM, from the website, and I just don’t think it’s for me. However, I keep it open to read about my friends who love twittering.twitter
  5. Sphinn-Quite honestly one of the most addicting Social News Sites to pop up. It’s like an instant update of the industry. If I missed something while reading my daily feed, I get caught up on Sphinn. And of course its great to be able to give friends and mentors the props that they deserve. It’s like a huge community that is feeding each other!                                                                                                                                   sphinn
  6. Mixx- Even though this site is still very new, and I don’t see the word “beta” dissapearing anytime soon, it’s fun! It has fresh appeal to me and in my opinion is a lot easier to use than Digg, so it lives in my tabs!mixx
  7. Mashable*- A social news blog that updates so frequently, I am forced to read and re-read daily. Because I tend to get fustrated when I see the number (319) in my feed headline, I usually revisit Mashable during the day outside the reader!                                                                                                               mashable
  8. Engadget– The insanely popular gadget blog that in my opinion is as important to read as any blog. I’m a gadget fiend, and I love reading about new technology… I just wish I could afford half of the things reviewed on this blog.                                                                                                                                                      engadget
  9. SEO Book– The guy who wrote the book, Aaron Wall, has such useful website and blog! I research keywords using his tools all the time as well as use his SEO plug-in for Firefox. I keep his latest research tool open all day long.                                                                                                                                 SEO Book
  10. Gmail/Chat- OK, this is a given…but it lives in my tabs and on my Blackberry! I am a big fan of G-mail and G-Chat. A few weeks ago AIM integrated with G-Chat and now this is the most important tab on my browser. Last week, I had an issue with my Gmail account and I couldn’t sign in…. I felt like a part of me was missing. G Mail

* These sites are most often read using my Bloglines reader.


1 Mixxed Up Month!

December 19, 2007

It’s been about a month that I have been using Mixx, and I do love it overall.

Things I love about Mixx:

  • It is user friendly
  • It is not saturated with competitive members (yet!)
  • It allows me to complain about members who vote down my content out of spite. (yes this happened)
  • Mixx does not mind if you Mixx your blog.
  • There are easy tagging options
  • It’s sooo easy to vote & see votes (And even easier to vote on all of your friends stories!)
  • There are many “front” page option, not just popular.
  • Some Top Diggers have been using Mixx, making it more popular.

Things I HATE about Mixx:

  •  The constant e-mail updates I was getting in my mailbox & my Blackberry until I opted out.
  • How people put things in every single category, when they shouldn’t.
  • Red & Sky Blue color scheme (my opinion)
  • That you can’t put a link in your Public Profile
  • Mean and Nasty diggers who are trying to abuse Mixx

To sum things up, I love Mixx way more than I hate it. I see it being improved a little, but besides that.. It’s like a fun new toy.

Mixx: My Blend of the Web

November 30, 2007

Everyone has been taking about At first I was a bit frustrated, another Social News Site… As if I am not busy enough Digging, Sphinning, Propelling, Hugging. I do so much of this stuff, it is tiring!

And then I read an interview on Collective Thoughts with Chris McGill who is the founder of Mixx. According to McGill, he liked “those other sites and they certainly served as inspiration. But I wanted to take what these other sites do well and then be able to focus it on the things that I’m interested in. For example, sure, I want to know what people in general are interested in (text, photos, videos), but I also want to know what people in Bethesda, MD, are telling me I should look at, what Red Sox fans are raving or complaining about, and what people who are tracking research on Alzheimer’s (a family legacy I would prefer to avoid) are telling me is important. I wasn’t able to do that with any of the existing sites.”

So I joined Mixx, and low and behold, it IS my own personal blend of the web. I got to customize what I want to see on my “Popular” page. Voting is simple and easy, the green triangle pointing up is a positive vote, and the red triangle down is a negative. The site runs smooth and is really easy to operate.

Unlike Digg, there are many awards you can receive in the Mixx Lounge for being active on the site. There is a reward system with Karma points and Mixx Awards for Conversation Starter, Most Opinionated, Top Submitter, Most Contentious, Enthusiast, Hyperactive, Curmudgeon, Thought Leader, and Top Ten.

Rumor has it that many Diggers and making the move to Mixx. I don’t know how fast this site will take off but my guess is… pretty fast. I am loving it!

So I guess I am adding another site to my list…

I even found this on Mixx today, and it really made me rethink my diet.