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Starbucks Still Kicking

April 11, 2008

Let me begin by saying, I am a huge Starbucks fan and I am proud to walk down 6th avenue with their recognizeable cup of ” Go”. I am happy that they are a green company and charge tons of money for their coffee. I am, as described by the people at the Washington Post, the eco friendly twenty something who drives her Hummer H3 to Whole Foods.
In mid march Starbucks came up with a marketing campaign to co inside with the downfall of their corporation. The plan: . Consumers can tell Starbucks what they want Starbucks to market to them, but of course they must register first!! We have seen this Suggestion box type of idea before but I didn’t expect it from Starbucks.

Since the campaign has launched I have seen some great things and some not so great things. Just this past week I received a free new coffee blend card, for one free cup. I have also noticed a shortage of employees and confusion of getting my drink.

Additionally, the cashier makes sure I know that by registering my gift card I wouldn’t have to pay forty cents more for my soy in my latte. But the funny thing was that I didn’t pay with a gift card. He might as well just ask me all of the registration questions and garner all of my consumer information at the store, I am already being bothered.

Starbucks won’t fade any time soon, we know this. If anything I think that this is Starbucks chance to dumb down to its competitors. Not that they are dumb, but they were much less accessible than their competitors which is in fact dumb.

So good work Starbucks! And if anyone is doing brand management for them and happens to read this, try almond or rice milk instead of soy…. Its much less fat!

Oh and get her to stop drinking your coffee!

Britney drinks Starbucks

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“Social Media is about breaking down barriers to engage in conversations”

November 14, 2007

Social Media is about breaking down barriers to engage in conversations.”

“Relationships are the new metric for ROI.”

-These are just two quotes from an amazing blog post I read today. “Conversational Marketing Vs. Market Conversations”

It really gets me thinking… With all the hype on Social Networks and people being put together by grouping, and links, does everyone become a salesman/ or marketer?

In my experience, ever since customized AOL Member Profiles, people have been selling themselves. Now with the Myspace & Facebook evolution, everyone has a crooked picture (the angles) and they are promoting a blog that they are trying to sell ads on so they wont have to work at Starbucks….. (I guess that was harsh) But what about us, the online marketers who really have business to promote…. a lot of times we fall in the cracks.

It almost seems that all online marketers, must must must be  prominent figures amongst many in online communities.

A lot of marketers I have spoken to even do most of their work on online communities. Get to the top of your community, target your fans, and promote your product. This is the formula I see every day.

In “Conversational Marketing Vs. Market Conversations”, Brian Solis discusses the right way to be a marketer in a place where everyone is a salesman. We must all listen to the market, before we participate. This taught me a lot because many times I feel so eager to just jump into the industry, instead of sitting back and observing the entire spectrum.

The best way to do even the most important aspects of Search Marketing (PPC, Keyword Advertising, PPL, etc) is to analyze your market for a period of time until you feel completely ready to promote to the target. And these methods are considered “traditional”, yet still completely necessary.

So while it is tempting to jump head first into the industry, it is also important to understand how everything works and to prepare for the future, because this might be “The Year of Facebook”, but who knows what next year will bring.

… The ironic thing about this is the fact that I found this posted on Sphinn. It was posted by “Lyndon”, (a top “Sphinner”)and while I don’t know who he is… I know he posts some great articles on Sphinn!

Reach Your Audience with Internet Videos

October 29, 2007

With so much content on the web its sometimes hard to focus on what is important while browsing.  People have become “Banner Blind” and it is not always easy to force your target audience to notice your presence.

The obvious popularity of YouTube, Google Video, Meta Cafe (which is affiliated with Digg), and many others, internet video is the quick and easy way to reach the ADD searchers online.

It brings me to question my fellow Internet Marketers, are PPC, PFP, Link Exchange, and SMM enough to enhance your clients presence online?

Ever since I discovered the power of internet video, I have been urging potential clients to get involved.  It is an expensive tool that could make the world of difference. There are many great companies, including my favorite: IOD Video.

Internet Videos/ Commercials are already being used by Lexus, Century 21, NBC, and many more huge companies  to capture their audiences and carry them through websites.  Not to mention, these videos can be used with all of the other tools (Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Sphinn) we use to help enhance online presence.


Ad Tech NY is coming!

October 28, 2007

For anyone interested in new marketing, Ad Tech NY is the place to be on November 5th. This 4 day event will have tons of speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, booths, and of course parties!! (Because networking is the most important part).

From Ad Tech NY:

save these dates for the 2008 show

Are you engaged in conversations with your customers? Are you leveraging those results to learn more about your customers? Are you optimizing your message and delivery in order to drive brand preference? These topics, along with other brand-building methods and digital media technologies and platforms will be discussed at ad:tech New York. From the high level overview keynotes to the performance focused workshops to the technologies showcased on the show floor – it’s all here, under one roof. ad:tech… the business of modern marketing.

In my opinion as a beginner in the new world of marketing; it is extremely important to push your way into each and every event/conference having to do with marketing. Because the industry changes within seconds, the only way to stay up to date is to meet and correspond with people in the know.

Ad Tech is conveniently at the New York City Hilton, and various parties to follow. List of Parties on the Ad: Tech blog.


Any young marketer can go to school and get a BA in marketing, but without following up education with these conferences, your marketing tactics are yesterdays news.

Out of curiosity, I was pondering around Craigslist’s job postings to research requirements for the Internet Marketers position of various companies. 9/10 of them did NOT require a BA Degree. Instead all positions wanted to see proof of accounts on Facebook (also proof that you have created promotional groups within!),, Reddit, Sphinn, etc. On top of those requirements, it was mandatory to e-mail the possible employer your blog in which you post about Web 2.0. And of course it is easy to apply to jobs by sending a link to your Linkedin.

It was only about 8 months ago that I started looking for a new job in the marketing field, and these tools were not as visible or easy to use to get desirable jobs. Almost makes me wish I started the job search later on… but everything happens for a reason.

If you will be at Ad: Tech NY or know about important network parties affiliated with Ad Tech, please get in touch with me!