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Reach Your Audience with Internet Videos

October 29, 2007

With so much content on the web its sometimes hard to focus on what is important while browsing.  People have become “Banner Blind” and it is not always easy to force your target audience to notice your presence.

The obvious popularity of YouTube, Google Video, Meta Cafe (which is affiliated with Digg), and many others, internet video is the quick and easy way to reach the ADD searchers online.

It brings me to question my fellow Internet Marketers, are PPC, PFP, Link Exchange, and SMM enough to enhance your clients presence online?

Ever since I discovered the power of internet video, I have been urging potential clients to get involved.  It is an expensive tool that could make the world of difference. There are many great companies, including my favorite: IOD Video.

Internet Videos/ Commercials are already being used by Lexus, Century 21, NBC, and many more huge companies  to capture their audiences and carry them through websites.  Not to mention, these videos can be used with all of the other tools (Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Sphinn) we use to help enhance online presence.