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Interview Trade: Highlight on Oren Todoros, Internet Marketer.

November 18, 2007

Oren Todoros is a friend I made through Facebook before the Ad:Tech Show which I never made it to, due to my high volume of work. He is a very nice guy who runs the site: SEO Vice
1. First off- Tell me about yourself? What made you get into the industry?
I’m the proud father of 2 girls; I grew up in Montreal Canada from the age of 2 but left there over 4 years ago. I hold a B.A in Industrial Design but haven’t worked a day in that field. I got into the online industry as a translator about 6 years ago translating sites from English and French to Italian. After that, I started burying myself in learning everything about directories and search rankings.

2.Tell me about SEOVice.
    SeoVice is evolving rapidly, I believe there’s an overload of blogs and networks all feeding us the same information & industry news. I wanted to hear something different, I know that no matter how great a new product can be, it’s the people behind it that can best help us market our services. So SeoVice is all about getting to know people within the online marketing industry whether they’re bloggers, affiliates, Media Buys or CEO’s. Everyone in the online industry has something to learn from each other.

3.What is your job in Israel like? Do you think there is a huge difference working in this industry in the Middle East compared to the USA?

Working in Israel is Incredible, there’s a huge acceptance to try new distribution channels. Technology wise, Israel’s a major start-up Hub as you can tell from many of the 2.0 apps launching on a daily basis. It really is the Silicone valley of the Middle East. I was even surprised by how many local “Israeli” companies I met at Ad:Tech NY

4. What blogs do you love to read?
The safe answer would be Mashable,, Techcrunch and so on… They’re all on my iGoogle Homepage every time I log on. But since you’re asking, I have to tell you, I love discovering new blogs all the time, such as yours. I work in the mobile industry so I stay informed with many mobile related blogs such as,, and many others.., Oh if you’ve haven’t visited yet. Take a look at , it’s another network I run for English speaking Israeli’s.

5.What blogs give you the best advice?
I’m a big fan of Darren Rowse from who’s great at making his blog come to life while staying informative.

6.What online applications do you most use on a day to day basis?
I’m using a lot of mobile applications mostly. I’m hooked on Operamini on my mobile device; it’s really an incredible browser. I also use Emoze as my push email application, I get my Outlook and Gmail emails and personal info with me everywhere…

7. What is your “Can’t Live Without” Gadget?

MY Pocket PC and GPS, I don’t really need the GPS but it’s fun to pretend I don’t know where something is so that I can act surprised when I get there ;)
O.K Seriously, I’m a horrible driver with a REALLY bad sense of direction.

8.Where do you see the future of the industry going?
It’s not difficult to see where we’re headed, iPhone was one of the best selling products in recent times and there were daily speculations about the Google phone. New marketing services such as are paving the way in mobile marketing so in my opinion the industry will have to start adapting to a mobile audience, reaching users anywhere, anytime. Websites will also have to conform to a mobile screen.

9.Is SEO dead?
SEO can’t really die; there will always be that competition for the top spot on your most relevant terms, the means of reaching top spots has always been vague and will stay that way. I suppose that’s what makes the industry fun to work in. No one can blame us for trying.


A Day in the Life of Stephanie Weingart: Interview!

November 15, 2007

…Well not really a whole day!

My talented friend, Oren over at asked me a few questions for his site. Why? …. I don’t know. 🙂

Take a look : Here