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BevyTech’s Gadget Bottle: it is perfect for the gym!

November 3, 2007

Finally the solution to my work out headache! I never want to bring my bag with me to the gym but definitely want my essentials: Ipod, Phone, Water.

Well the Ipod is best when it is affixed to your arm or your clothing. But my phone would always fall on the floor while I was on the treadmill or the elliptical due to the movement of the machine. Obviously the last thing I want is for my phone to fall on the floor. It is a valuable part of my existence and more important than friends and family. Ha.

So today I found this post about The BevyTech Gadget Bottle.

I do not have the bottle yet but just from the pictures. I could tell that maybe a better bottle could have been used. My favorite water bottle is the Nalgene because it literally just feels so good to drink from them and they come in cool colors and sizes and will attach to almost anything.

There other styles of the Gadget Bottle or are you planning other products. They are top secret. They are working on having them ready for sale in March 2008.

Custom orders will be not be available until spring 2008. Of course, I still love my Nalgene 🙂