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Frozen2Late’s Personal Blog

June 14, 2008

It dawned on me that since my last post, people might disappointed that I am cutting down on my blogging and putting more efforts into working. Things are very busy at work and I just simply don’t have time to blog about things that have been talked about a million times over. Plus, I have the best blog in the world to blog for, The SEO Chicks.

For anyone who still cares about me, reads my twitter and still wants to know more…weird… I also have a personal blog. It is a blogspot blog, not fancy and pretty old. Nothing too personal of course, but fun none the less. I realized that I have been blogging for about 7 years now, but on a different domain.  You might have to do some detective work to see the older blog.

You can read the official Frozen2late personal blog if you feel like you might miss me here. On the blog is a feed from my Youtube Channel, and updates on what I do at work and in my free time.