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Executing Social Media L.A. Wrap Up

May 23, 2008

Executing Social Media L.A.

The Executing Social Media conference this year has produced many strong connections and have proved many wrong. A lot of people had great experiences being able to sit in on round-tables that discussed exactly what they needed to talk about and for others, it was just going over a lot of the same buzz words over and over again. But the great thing is that everyone participated. Whether you played the role of a teacher or a student you gained a ton of knowledge on socializing on social media which is topic I feel many people have a hard time explaining.

Got to meet Brian Solis of PR 2.0 who explained social bookmarking and networking sites and potential PR disasters and successes within them.

The one issue that really struck a chord with me is, Where is all of this going? The Future of Social Media, written by Jackie Peters for Mashable. Peter Shankman spoke on a lot of topics that I am sure people are thinking about with clear minds now. Everyone is always so consumed with how unorganized social spaces are, and naturally as an expert in his field, he reassured us that there will have to be a method to the madness soon. His thought, the future of social media is one grid, one feed, opt in or just watch. It’s really fascinating if you think about it.

One very important thing learned and reinforced by the pros is the necessary purchase of the Flip TV camera. First pointed out by Phil Gomes when he shared an interactive review of the ESM Live Will it Blend of a Rake. Showing how 3 minute videos are more powerful than commercial, more engaging, and can be put into interactive forums with communities like PR Open Mic.

Mental Note- order Flip TV Camera before getting back to NYC!!

flip tv camera

To see the Twitter feed of what things were being discussed at ESM, check the Summize of #ESM. Additionally, I have posted some videos on the Frozen2Late YouTube Channel.

On the plane ride back to NYC I am going to write some more in depth posts for the Morpheus Media MLog and the SEO- Chicks.

Is there anything you want to hear about specifically?!