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October 26, 2007

Tonight I had a conversation with a very close friend who is trying to break into the world of writing.

Naturally, I explained to her it is much easier to blog and get the same response at a quicker rate.

It is the natural progression for very powerful authors to become very powerful bloggers. I have noticed that a lot of my favorite authors have made the switch. Of course it really depends on the style of writing they do. But columnists for the New Yorker are also Bloggers.

I obviously told her to research the hundreds of blogs about SEO and Blogging, because those are the two secrets of becoming a “Power Blogger”. But personally I don’t feel like I have enough experience to guide her.

Is it easier to blog about a niche? I’d think so. What is the best affiliate network to work with? How do you explain PPC to a beginner? How do you convince a talented write to blog? These are my questions. Of course once there is valuable content it is easy to promote on social platforms and various SEO tools/ Content Promotion sites, like Digg and But how do you convince a friend to break in?!

I’m sure I will find the answers to these questions when I network @ Pubcon.

Any further advice for my friend would be appreciated!

You can read her blog now here: My Pop Roks