Twitter People You Should Follow

April 18, 2008

Twitter obsessed and starving for social success, the new Twitter follow referring site Twubble is awesome.

If it catches on than many users will be vewy Twubbled by the amount of follower requests they are receiving. Haha.. get it? Twubbled?


Another downfall to it… It will always suggest you befriend @scobleizer (if your not already). This is because it works based on common followers, just like Facebook’s; People You May Know, and not based on interests or similar terms. And it is listed from most important Twitter users to least important, as you can tell.

For some reason this Facebook feature, while I understand it, really bothers me because tons of people are requesting to be my friend. Thankfully I have enabled the new Facebook privacy settings

I am definitely going to take advantage of Twubble and expand my network! So if @Frozen2late requests to follow you… now you know why.


Starbucks Still Kicking

April 11, 2008

Let me begin by saying, I am a huge Starbucks fan and I am proud to walk down 6th avenue with their recognizeable cup of ” Go”. I am happy that they are a green company and charge tons of money for their coffee. I am, as described by the people at the Washington Post, the eco friendly twenty something who drives her Hummer H3 to Whole Foods.
In mid march Starbucks came up with a marketing campaign to co inside with the downfall of their corporation. The plan: . Consumers can tell Starbucks what they want Starbucks to market to them, but of course they must register first!! We have seen this Suggestion box type of idea before but I didn’t expect it from Starbucks.

Since the campaign has launched I have seen some great things and some not so great things. Just this past week I received a free new coffee blend card, for one free cup. I have also noticed a shortage of employees and confusion of getting my drink.

Additionally, the cashier makes sure I know that by registering my gift card I wouldn’t have to pay forty cents more for my soy in my latte. But the funny thing was that I didn’t pay with a gift card. He might as well just ask me all of the registration questions and garner all of my consumer information at the store, I am already being bothered.

Starbucks won’t fade any time soon, we know this. If anything I think that this is Starbucks chance to dumb down to its competitors. Not that they are dumb, but they were much less accessible than their competitors which is in fact dumb.

So good work Starbucks! And if anyone is doing brand management for them and happens to read this, try almond or rice milk instead of soy…. Its much less fat!

Oh and get her to stop drinking your coffee!

Britney drinks Starbucks

BTW- Follow Starbucks on Twitter 😉

Politicians are Following Me!

April 4, 2008


About 2 weeks ago, my Blackberry started going insane. It was notifying me about the 20 new Twitter followers I had in about 20 minutes. Naturally, I suffered from PVS <Phantom Vibrate Syndrome> the rest of the day.

All of the followers, were names of politicians. It would make sense that I am not the only one this is happening to. Obviously I understand the value of these politicians, or rather the marketing dept’s of them, following me on Twitter. But something about this strikes me as wrong!

So in response to Politicians following me on Twitter:

Political Twitter

You are all blocked!

Blogging Networks

March 15, 2008

In spirit of the Music Festival currently happening at SXSW, and me not being there.  I have decided to write a post about music blogs and blogging networks.  Obviously there are blogs for every available niche.  I even know of a knitting blog network. But music, fashion, and web 2.0 are the types of blogs that there are the most of.

Bloggers are a lot smarter than most people realize.  A smart blogger who keeps their blog fresh and active, join a network, receive ads, get outreached and make huge profits.  But how does a blogger know when it is time to sign over their blogs and retire from taking the long subway journey to their cubicle every day?

My best friend writes a music blog called MyPopRoks, and she is a very active blogger.  There are daily themes, short posts, media posts, etc.  She has a ton of readers, gets outreached to, and really enjoys writing.  Is it time to join a network? By joining a network, some blogs tend to lose their flavor.  They write advertorials, and throw ugly ads all over the place…

The top 3 music bloggers of 2007:

1. Stereogum : Here is a blog that sets the standards for every music blogger.  They have different authors, record label contacts, MP3’s, and their own advertising model.  The syndication options are perfect and they just released a new design for SXSW which obviously they are all rock-stars at.

2. I Guess I am Floating– Here is a Blogger blog done perfectly.  It has a unique layout with multiple authors, a mini-social platform, ads, and MP3’s. However there is no SXSW coverage, how rare!

3. My Old Kentucky Blog– This is an mp3 blog also on Blogger. It looks great, has interviews, mp3’s, multiple authors, serves ads, MOKB even has it’s own show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Nicely done.

I think the best advice for my friend at this point would be to contact blogads and ask if she could be a publisher.  It is invite only at this point, but they offer the best network. They claim to be Flexible. You set prices, customize design and write copy to solicit advertising. You alone decide what appears on your site. Sounds good right?

Anybody else have any other ideas for bloggers who don’t affiliate with networks, but want to become full time bloggers without selling out?

I Love Facebook Advertising

March 13, 2008

At this point Facebook should know that I bite my nails!


Diane von Furstenberg Celebrates International Women’s Day – Enter To Win!

March 8, 2008

DVF Contest header

Diane von Furstenberg believes in the transformative value of women’s participation in society. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, DVF invites you to share the love with an inspirational story about a fabulous, strong, intelligent woman who has nurtured or inspired you. What woman has accentuated the spirit of camaraderie of women, mentored or encouraged you? Submit a photo with a detailed description or write a blog, with photos if you’d like, of a woman who has positively impacted your life. The winner will win a trip for them and a friend to NYC for a $5,000 shopping spree at Diane von Furstenberg’s flagship NYC store plus two tickets to the DVF Spring 2009 fashion show!


  • Grand Prize: One winner, chosen by Diane von Furstenberg from the top 100 entries with the highest score, will win a trip to New York City—along with a friend— a $5,000 shopping spree at her flagship store plus two tickets to a DVF fashion show!
  • Most Viral: One winner, chosen by Diane von Furstenberg from the top 100 most viral entries, will win a $2,500 shopping spree at Learn about Most Viral.
  • Reviewer and Voter Sweepstakes: One winner, who participates in the campaign by writing a review or voting, will win a $2,500 shopping spree at
  • Sign-Up Sweepstakes: Five winners, who register AND sign up to the Diane Von Furstenberg email list during the campaign, will win a personalized autographed copy of Diane: A Signature Life!
  • Go Here to Enter the women in your life :

    DVFStore NYC

    Celebrities & Socialites @ Seven to Support Women!

    March 7, 2008

    Many celebrities and socialites came out to see the DVF & Vital Voices presentation of Seven. They were all there for one reason, to show their support for Powerful Women around the World!

    In the audience; Eva Amurri (actress, daughter of Susan Surandon), Daphne Guinness, Christine Baranski, Kim Cattrall (Sex & The City .. I am such a big Fan!), and Christiane Amanpour. They all looked amazing!

    Kim Cattrall DVF
    PICTURES! …….
    Read the rest of this entry »

    Seven: DVF &

    March 7, 2008


    DVF is one of the most empowering woman of our time. She designs clothing to make women feel Powerful, Beautiful and Strong. In honor of International Women’s Day, DVF has tons of stuff going on!

    Watching Seven, the audience full of strong women; celebrities, journalists, women of congress, and award winners. Everyone one of them dressed beautifully, their eyes glued to the stage. Each actress is telling their stories, how they became strong, and why they stood up for their rights and never gave up. The stories so powerful, both audience and actresses coming to tears….

    Diane Von Furstenberg Gives A Speech @ Seven

    March 7, 2008

    Before the show starts, Diane; who is an empowering woman herself, tells the story of her role model, her mother. She says; “I have never met a woman who is not strong, there aren’t any.” This includes Furstenberg’s mother, who was a survivor of the Holocaust.  Her mother; never calling herself a victim was a very positive influence over DVF.

    Live Blogging from DVF in Downtown NYC

    March 6, 2008


    Tonight I am honored to be a guest at a play put on by DVF & Vital Voices; Seven. Seven is about seven amazing women. Tonight we are celebrating a Decade of Investing in Women to Improve the World. The play highlights seven extremely influential women from all around the world! Read the rest of this entry »