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G4 T.V.: Attack of the Show!

November 4, 2007

Last night was another late night.  I stayed up and watched the clock turn back, skipped through channels on the television, and caught up on one of my favorite shows; Weeds.

While I was searching around for something good to watch I came across the G4 station.  The “Attack of The Show” was on and immediately I thought: Where have I been and why have I not seen this show?!  The show automatically reminded me of what it would be like if one of my favorite gadget blogs; Engadget, had their own t.v. show. Which now that I think about it… why don’t they?

    “Attack of the Show” reviewed new Smart Phones, Apple Leopard, iPhones, new web tools, and other new things.  It also has a “Blog Watch” where they keep tabs on blogs that are hot at the moment. And of course all of the reviews are also posted on the G4 TV site’s Blog, just in case you missed the show.

  Attack of the Show loves the iPhone.  They almost even sold me in five minutes to ditch T-mobile and get an iPhone. Of course being how I am, I will just wait until you can get an unlocked iPhone.

Aside from tech news, G4 has tons of programming for gamers.  And as an added bonus they also have Arrested Development , Star Trek TNG, and COPS!.

I feel sort of silly that I have just came across this channel now, but it is better late than never.  If there is anyone else out there that is not watching G4, I highly recommend it.  If you have no interest in programming for dorks, you might like the AOTS host: Olivia Munn