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November 7, 2007

     Amongst the many blogs that I love on my feed, one of them is  Even though I would love it to be updated way more than it is, informs me of daily freebies and sales happening all over the web.

Today I checked out slickdeals and found out some awesome deals. One of them being a sale on Paste Magazine.  The music magazine that comes with a cd sampler of new artists on the rise.

With all the special deals out their happening in the music industry. Paste Magazine decided to join the “pay what you want” revolution, and offer a year subscription with 11 free sampler cd’s for a price you decide. This might remind you of what Radiohead did with their latest release, In Rainbows.  

Like anyone who doesn’t make enough money to enjoy things like fancy music magazines, I paid the minimum …. $1.

It’s a limited time deal, so name your price and get this awesome magazine now! 


Down goes the industry!

October 30, 2007

As few may know, I used to be the front of a semi-popular NYC based music group called, Dayglow.  Being a part of that group taught me things that I may never learn anywhere else.  To make it in the worlds most difficult/saturated industry, takes endless hours of preparation and dedication!  We found ourselves working at our craft day and night for almost five years.  It took that long for our music to be heard by a few guys  under this guy:

Jeff Zucker is the CEO of NBC Universal. Please hold all comments until after the post!!  This morning I woke up and checked my Bloglines as usual and saw that Engadget posted a really amusing story about Zucker.

Seems like Zucker “flat-out said that Apple and iTunes had “destroyed the music business” in terms of pricing and that video was next unless “we take control.”

Seems like the $10 subscriptions to the Universal music catalogs are just not working.   iTunes brings in tons more money than Universal, who would’ve thought that would happen.  And apparently iTunes only paid Universal $15 Million on the sales, with NBC Universal giving the most content, surely that number is incorrect.

Two years ago, as I prayed for a record deal, I never thought that the music industry would be taking the nosedive it is today.  With the emergence of Live Nation and Myspace Records, the industry will take care of itself and grow to the new systems happening around it, but the death of the “Big Boys” is unavoidable.

What does it feel like to be Mark Zuckerberg?

October 25, 2007

As everyone knows by now, Microsoft paid $240 million for less than 2 percent of the online social networking site.

Of course many were rooting for Google to take a piece of the ever growing Facebook monster. Many people argued that the philosophy of Google & Facebook just meshed well.

For Microsoft obviously this is perfect. Google dominates mostly all of the ad space we are staring at for 10 hours a day. This will allow for Microsoft to take a nice chunk of this market. And with Facebook’s 50 million daily users, it is a wonderful place to sell ad space.

But here is what I am wondering:

What does it feel like to be Mark Zuckerberg?

He is a 23 year old, speckled face, Jewish boy from New York who just happened to create a software that would rate his friends, making him the CEO of Facebook.

But is he lucky? or genius?

The billionaire is seen only in Adidas flip flops … in ever single picture taken of him. Surely he can afford better flip flops.

But really how does it feel knowing that you have created something that has changed the world?


The official news from CNET states, “Facebook has invited some of its closest advertisers to an event on November 6 in New York,” a statement from the company read. “As part of it, Facebook executives will discuss new approaches for advertising online. We are not sharing any further details.”

This refers to Ad:Tech at the NYC Hilton, and guess who just received her press pass?!!