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Starbucks Still Kicking

April 11, 2008

Let me begin by saying, I am a huge Starbucks fan and I am proud to walk down 6th avenue with their recognizeable cup of ” Go”. I am happy that they are a green company and charge tons of money for their coffee. I am, as described by the people at the Washington Post, the eco friendly twenty something who drives her Hummer H3 to Whole Foods.
In mid march Starbucks came up with a marketing campaign to co inside with the downfall of their corporation. The plan: . Consumers can tell Starbucks what they want Starbucks to market to them, but of course they must register first!! We have seen this Suggestion box type of idea before but I didn’t expect it from Starbucks.

Since the campaign has launched I have seen some great things and some not so great things. Just this past week I received a free new coffee blend card, for one free cup. I have also noticed a shortage of employees and confusion of getting my drink.

Additionally, the cashier makes sure I know that by registering my gift card I wouldn’t have to pay forty cents more for my soy in my latte. But the funny thing was that I didn’t pay with a gift card. He might as well just ask me all of the registration questions and garner all of my consumer information at the store, I am already being bothered.

Starbucks won’t fade any time soon, we know this. If anything I think that this is Starbucks chance to dumb down to its competitors. Not that they are dumb, but they were much less accessible than their competitors which is in fact dumb.

So good work Starbucks! And if anyone is doing brand management for them and happens to read this, try almond or rice milk instead of soy…. Its much less fat!

Oh and get her to stop drinking your coffee!

Britney drinks Starbucks

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Ugly Advertising

February 2, 2008

Is it really hard to ask marketing agencies and creative ad designers to create visually appealing ads for huge social networking sites? Am I really this ad sensitive, well yes!

I spend somewhat around 8 hours online per day and an average of 40-45 hours per week. That is a lot of time spent looking at advertisements. I am not “Banner Blind” however in some cases I wish I was. Many people in the industry are even arguing over the future of banner ads. Either way, sometimes they get to me.

They say there is no negative reaction when it comes to marketing.

When I saw this ad on Digg, I got really grossed out. Then, to make it worse… I saw the same ads on Facebook. I couldn’t hide from it!

Ugly Ad

I started complaining about it on Twitter, but for some reason nobody talks to me on Twitter as much as they talk to everyone else. So instead, I gave in and went to the TriClear site. The site is pretty and even the “Success Stories” before and after pictures page was NOT as scary as their Digg and Facebook advertisements.

There are many wonderful acne medication campaigns out there, and the Digg/Facebook audience is definitely the right target for TriClear. The more that I thought about it, the more it made sense. TriClear purposely created the most hideous advertisements to get their non-clicking, banner blind target to become interested…and it worked. If I had a nasty acne problem, I might try TriClear because of this. (Actually I would more likely go with Proactive because P Diddy backs it)

According to the Duck Tape Blog: “Ugly Advertising Works!

So I guess I have to get used to it……

ugly ads 1