PC+Stephanie= Fail

April 21, 2008

A long time ago I wrote about how I wanted to finally switch from PC to Mac.  I ended up getting a new job, using a mini Mac and learning a whole lot more about them.  I never ended up actually buying a Macbook because it just wasn’t entirely neccesary to make the purchase yet. 

Now that I am doing some more work from home, I am ultimately confused when it comes to speaking the PC langauge. I really hate constantly switching now that I love working on Mac’s. 

I got really fustrated today and messed up my computer.  I deleted some important things and not being a IT genius and being irratated… I am ready to throw this thing in the garbage.  But instead I might just take it into the IT dept. at work for them to take a loot at it.

Any advice for buying a Mac? I am definitely going to do it by next week.



5 Responses to “PC+Stephanie= Fail”

  1. streko Says:

    If you’re going the Mac route – find a student I.D. or someone who has one & live large on the 10% discount.


  2. frozen2late Says:

    @ Elizabeth Stolfi – Wow your language is horrible!

    @ Streko – Yes that also works for NYC public school teachers as well 🙂

  3. SilentJay74 Says:

    Ok, since it is my job to know this shit here is the deal.
    It appears you are connecting to a network drive that the computer or server where the drive resides is not turned on, someone might have removed the network cable, or your PC is having network connectivity issues. Also you are connecting to the drive via internal IP address. It is a hell of a lot easier to connect to these drives with a naming convention instead of IP address. That’s just my $.02.

    Done being a PC smartass now. 😉

  4. frozen2late Says:

    @SilentJay74 Thanks… that is really helpful. But it blow my mind how much more I know about Macs than PC’s in my 1 year using them.. compared to the rest of my life on PC’s…

    But I did magically fix my issue after extreme fustration!

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