Blogging Networks

March 15, 2008

In spirit of the Music Festival currently happening at SXSW, and me not being there.  I have decided to write a post about music blogs and blogging networks.  Obviously there are blogs for every available niche.  I even know of a knitting blog network. But music, fashion, and web 2.0 are the types of blogs that there are the most of.

Bloggers are a lot smarter than most people realize.  A smart blogger who keeps their blog fresh and active, join a network, receive ads, get outreached and make huge profits.  But how does a blogger know when it is time to sign over their blogs and retire from taking the long subway journey to their cubicle every day?

My best friend writes a music blog called MyPopRoks, and she is a very active blogger.  There are daily themes, short posts, media posts, etc.  She has a ton of readers, gets outreached to, and really enjoys writing.  Is it time to join a network? By joining a network, some blogs tend to lose their flavor.  They write advertorials, and throw ugly ads all over the place…

The top 3 music bloggers of 2007:

1. Stereogum : Here is a blog that sets the standards for every music blogger.  They have different authors, record label contacts, MP3’s, and their own advertising model.  The syndication options are perfect and they just released a new design for SXSW which obviously they are all rock-stars at.

2. I Guess I am Floating– Here is a Blogger blog done perfectly.  It has a unique layout with multiple authors, a mini-social platform, ads, and MP3’s. However there is no SXSW coverage, how rare!

3. My Old Kentucky Blog– This is an mp3 blog also on Blogger. It looks great, has interviews, mp3’s, multiple authors, serves ads, MOKB even has it’s own show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Nicely done.

I think the best advice for my friend at this point would be to contact blogads and ask if she could be a publisher.  It is invite only at this point, but they offer the best network. They claim to be Flexible. You set prices, customize design and write copy to solicit advertising. You alone decide what appears on your site. Sounds good right?

Anybody else have any other ideas for bloggers who don’t affiliate with networks, but want to become full time bloggers without selling out?


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