Pownce Me

January 25, 2008

tweettweet.jpgIf you didn’t hate this guy enough already….

Digg founder Kevin Rose launched Pownce to the public this month. I discovered that I already had profile, and logged in. I must have had an invite and signed up and forgot about it. So I do what I always do when I am faced with a new social media site, I looked at every possible page and got lost in it for an hour. Then, I started adding friends… the usual suspects.

If you don’t like Twitter, you will most likely hate Pownce. It has the same concept, except Pownce is more tied into Digg, almost shamelessly. In my opinion, it is a really quick way to ask all of your loyal friends to Digg your stuff in a “Twitter” style. The Scobleizer wrote a good comparison of the two.

Twitter for sure has better expressions, like “Tweet”, “Twittle”, etc. Pownce is kinda lame in that sense. This matters in my opinion because it all becomes part of our vocabulary, our langauge. Twitter also has that cute little bird.

I jotted down some things about Pownce:

  • Really easy find friend/ add friend feature.
  • Comment system that is easier to follow than Twitter.
  • To improve your Pownce you can Upgrade for $20 per year .
  • You can add your Profiles on other Social Networks, Screen Names, and Websites on your main page.
  • You can Forward other people’s posts to other friends.
  • Displays Youtube videos on posts. (I wish I could call these Tweets but it doesn’t work!)
  • There are advertisements/ sponsors every 5o posts or so with discount Pownce codes. (Eliminate this with Upgrade)
  • You can post a file up to 10MB (upgrade = 100MB)

Obviously, I get the idea but it’s not as good as Twitter in my opinion.



4 Responses to “Pownce Me”

  1. Shana Says:

    Very interesting… I’ve had an account with Pownce for a while, but I haven’t put much energy into using it yet. I recently have started using Twitter a lot more…. I didn’t want to give Twitter a chance. I didn’t understand what was so great about Microblogging. But, after using Twitter for a couple of months I love it!! So, maybe Pownce would be great if I gave it a chance.

    Thank you for the great post!!


  2. frozen2late Says:


    Thanks for the comment !! I think you would love Pownce because of how great at Twitter you are. But I am unsure how Digg Friendly you are. I guess just try it out and see how you feel 🙂

  3. James Says:

    Well I have only just started using twitter (that is how behind the times I am). I’m looking for some twitterers to follow if anyone wishes to share there username. Mine is james_theink

  4. Glen Allsopp Says:

    What part is tied to Digg (only ever logged in once)?

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