Social Media Hair Dye

January 22, 2008

As some of you might already know, I recently dyed my hair blonde (rather I am in the process). The first thing I thought about when dying my hair is how this might affect my Social Media avatars. There are so many reasons having a recognizable avatar is important. It is how you are seen on the web.

In most cases, I use a picture that was taken of me at a family function by my cuz Elizabeth.


I have had black hair for years. It is the avatar for 95% of my Social Media Profiles. Many people don’t even recognize me with blonde hair.

Here is my blonde hair in progress.

Blonde Hair Steph

So here is my dilemma: What should I do? Do I change all of my avatars to a new picture or leave my old one? Will this change the way I am viewed online? Or even worse, will this make me unnoticeable at conventions and meet ups?

All advice is greatly appreciated.


8 Responses to “Social Media Hair Dye”

  1. James Says:

    I say change them, People will notice and comment about it.

  2. Glen Allsopp Says:

    Only change it if you plan on staying blonde for quite a while, otherwise people will get confused

  3. frozen2late Says:

    @ Glen and James- Thanks I do plan on keeping the blonde hair. I’d like the think it works for me.

    Now all I need is a good avatar…..

    any photographers, or photoshop pros in the house?

  4. Roland Hulme Says:

    My GOD that’s a huge chunk of chocolate you’re shovelling into your mouth! 🙂

    The blonde hair works for you. You’re very lucky. I tried going blonde once and I looked terrible. TERRIBLE. How many times did you have to dye your hair? I guess you can’t have done it all at the same time and had to do it in stages because it was so dark.

  5. frozen2late Says:

    @ Roland

    I didn’t actually eat the chocolate. It was wrapped in plastic. I swear!

    It takes about 4-5 dyes over a 3 month span to get my hair perfectly blonde.
    I am not even sure what my natural hair color is but I did have to get the black hair dye out.

    No salon will do it for me as they all advice strongly against it. It is really bad for my hair.. but I am young and I want to be a rebel.

  6. SilentJay74 Says:

    Hey change in a person is cool. You don’t want to look the same way forever. I like the blonde hair. It is flattering on you.

  7. frozen2late Says:

    @ SilentJay74 Thanks… some people don’t like it. And I am slowly but surely changing my avatars 🙂

  8. snowman Says:

    i think you should do what make you fell stronger and not let
    color change your power mod. but let it enhance your life style
    baby girl I am shore you were it well ether way

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