My Lack of Attention leads to My Lack of Interest

December 28, 2007

ADDEvery morning, while I am on the subway, I like to do many things at once….. but I tend to pile these things on top of each other. Before I walk out the door, my iPod is on. Once I am waiting for the bus, I am texting, reading blogs, planning campaigns, twittering, reading my Facebook messages, and my e-mails. When I finally make it to the subway, I am e-mailing, still planning campaigns, and playing games on my Blackberry. (2 weeks with my Blackberry and I can’t imagine life without it!)

Now Remember- All the while I am listening to music, but how much do I care? I was very disappointed in myself this morning when I realized that I totally neglected being interested in “In Rainbows”, the latest Radiohead album. The whole album is on my iPod, I have read multiple music blogs who named it the best album on 2007, and I don’t even really know the album too well! As a huge music fan, and more importantly, HUGE Radiohead fan…what went wrong?

Radiohead even had to change marketing formats to adjust to their audience (who I am sure is a lot like me)… It was a smart move on their part!

VS ipod

Has my love for gadgets, multi-tasking, and all-things-web taken away from my simple pleasures?

There used to be a time when I bought a CD (what’s that?) and put it in my CD Player and listened to the whole thing on repeat in my room for hours. With everything that I am forced to keep up with everyday, 500 billion things on my to-do list, how will I ever regain attention for things I am interested in?


4 Responses to “My Lack of Attention leads to My Lack of Interest”

  1. Focus. Nothing is more important than this record.

  2. I am also a huge Radiohead fan but I have still not heard this album…so I feel your pain (Dr. Phil reference.)

  3. frozen2late Says:

    OKay wait- I have listened to the album. It is phenomenal…

    However- I haven’t obsessed over it. Or let it become the soundtrack to my dreams… or refer each line to something in my life..

    Is this a lack of interest or maturity?

  4. Maturity. Face it Steph. You’re getting old. Still, I’ll always be 45 years older than you.

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