Gotta Digg

December 24, 2007

I was doing my usual morning rounds on the Social News Sites and went voting for things (a practice that I am trying to get down to 1-2 hours tops!) and came across something I thought I would support.

Having been in a band, and being a girl… I know how hard it is to be taken seriously in the music business. I also know how hard it is to try and score a recording contract….Really hard.

So I saw this girl, Kina, who entered a contest to win a shot at having her shot at the music industry during the Superbowl. Using tons of social media, the Myspace contest is pretty big and Kina is using her Social Media skills and her Blog to get the votes. Since I loved her angle, I felt the need to support!

Because I need to know everything about everything, I noticed that this Crash The Superbowl contest (which is obviously a way to spike the viewer-ship of the Superbowl amongst a younger age group)…. is sponsored by Yahoo & Doritos but most popular on Youtube… (Google wins again!)


2 Responses to “Gotta Digg”

  1. […] Digg*- Such controversy that I can’t help but to partake. Digg is often fun but also really annoying. I keep it open in my browser because I have a lot of friends articles to digg. “Gotta Digg“                                […]

  2. […] to Snarfd,  Kina Grannis popular song “Gotta Digg“, which I wrote about earlier this week has exploded on Digg and all around the blogosphere, has landed Grannis major attention […]

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