1 Mixxed Up Month!

December 19, 2007

It’s been about a month that I have been using Mixx, and I do love it overall.

Things I love about Mixx:

  • It is user friendly
  • It is not saturated with competitive members (yet!)
  • It allows me to complain about members who vote down my content out of spite. (yes this happened)
  • Mixx does not mind if you Mixx your blog.
  • There are easy tagging options
  • It’s sooo easy to vote & see votes (And even easier to vote on all of your friends stories!)
  • There are many “front” page option, not just popular.
  • Some Top Diggers have been using Mixx, making it more popular.

Things I HATE about Mixx:

  •  The constant e-mail updates I was getting in my mailbox & my Blackberry until I opted out.
  • How people put things in every single category, when they shouldn’t.
  • Red & Sky Blue color scheme (my opinion)
  • That you can’t put a link in your Public Profile
  • Mean and Nasty diggers who are trying to abuse Mixx

To sum things up, I love Mixx way more than I hate it. I see it being improved a little, but besides that.. It’s like a fun new toy.


3 Responses to “1 Mixxed Up Month!”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Its Kerry from Mixx.
    Good news about the things you hate 🙂
    -We are launching email digests, probably this week so that you only ever get one email a day from us if you choose.
    -We will be offering the ability to put a link in your public profile. For now, you can put your URL in the “about me” box, but that’s not as nice.
    -When you see someone category spamming, report it to us, and we’ll take care of it asap!

    Thanks for the writeup and I’m glad your loves outweigh your hates 🙂

  2. frozen2late Says:

    Hey Kerry,

    I was hoping somebody from Mixx would see what I thought.
    Really great Social news site, I know a lot of people are loving it.
    Cant wait to see the updates!


  3. A good list of some interesting feedback there. Nice stuff!

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