Topic of The Day: Hannah Montana Fan Club Sues!

December 14, 2007

Hannah Montana I know this is kind of lame, and somewhat off topic but I am a Hannah Montana fan (guilty pleasure). There I said it!

Every member of the Miley Cyrus fan club was supposed to receive priority seating at her Huge concerts, according to the Miley Cyrus Fan Club Website. However this was not the case. A website making promises they can’t keep? Unheard of!
Anyway, according to AP & Showbuzz : “They deceptively lured thousands of individual into purchasing memberships into the Miley Cyrus Fan Club,” plaintiffs’ attorney Rob Peirce said. His Pittsburgh firm and a Memphis firm filed the suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Nashville.

The fan club costs $29.95 a year to join, according to the lawsuit, which alleges that the defendants should have known that the site’s membership vastly exceeded the number of available tickets.”

Let me tie things in slightly — It’s one of the most searched items on the web today.

It’s on Digg : Hannah Montana Fan Club Members sue?

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8 Responses to “Topic of The Day: Hannah Montana Fan Club Sues!”

  1. Yourafrekifusuemiley Says:

    u hav 2 b nuts 2 sue hannah i dont car if she did nt giv u tickets u r retarded u r ……….

  2. melissa Says:

    i love hannah montana. but, i cannot believe that she would sue them! i love her music, hair, clothes, show, and all the other stuff, but she triked people into getting hannah montana tickets, and it involves a credit card to join?! that is beyond stupid!
    i can’t believe her!!!!!
    from the biggest hannah montana fan,

  3. Devon Says:

    Wow, very Wow! I love every thing about Hannah Montana! Maybe I love her so much to say, maybe it’s not her fault! Maybe she didn’t know about th every fan club member would get huge concert tickets. You never know, someone, who might not even be a fan member just put that on the website. Oh, I don’t know!

  4. frozen2late Says:

    Thank Goodness Hannah Montana has loyal fans!

  5. hannahs#1fan Says:

    thats just bogus cause its not her fault . well what if same thing happends like with selena quintilla u know people can take back there promises even hannah montana!

  6. samantha Says:

    well…i like her ya but hannah montana is turning into a slut…just like all of the others…

  7. Drew Says:

    Hannah montana you rule. Im your number one fan in the world. It doesn’t matter if you embarrased yourself.
    I always do it too.
    Have a great summer! And BE HAPPY!

  8. Stevie Says:

    She’s not suing them! THEY’RE suing her. She didn’t know!

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