Online Holiday Shopping

December 13, 2007

With Christmas almost near and Hanukkah just being us, I spent much time shopping for gifts online. I would say on average, I often use Amazon over most e-commerce sites. It is also fair to say that I bought 95% of my gifts online this holiday season.

Thanks to social coupon site Retail Me Not, I was able to track down codes to save tons of money at many different e-commerce sites.  Therefore I was not restricted to Amazon, where my selection was limited (compared to shopping all over the internet).

Another site that is ultra helpful for shopping online is which also points out promotional codes, for off and online shopping.

If  you are looking for other helpful shopping sites, here is a list:

  1. Google’s Online  Shopping Site
  3. Yahoo’s Online Shopping Site
  6. Shops of the web
  7. Cyber Monday
  8. C Net Shopping
  9. Biz Rate
  10. Sky Mall

…….There are literally a million more e-commerce sites (to buy me presents from), but these probably the most general. So of course, I tried to explain to some people why I shop online, and I tried to convince them to do the same.

According to this helpful post at :

Most Important Reasons People Shop on the Web
Easy to place an order 83%
Large selection of products 63%
Cheaper prices 63%
Faster service and delivery 52%
Detailed and clear information about what is being offered 40%
No sales pressure 39%
Easy payment procedures 36%

The Number One feature of shopping online for me is “No Sales pressure”.   I hate walking through a department store and being asked to buy something. Of course, they are only doing their jobs, but how annoying?!

Before shopping online, for those who don’t know, make sure to know your e-commerce privacy rights.

Happy Holiday Shopping


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