Matt Cutts on the Hot Seat

December 7, 2007

This morning @ 9AM there was a Keynote Coffee Chat: Matt Cutts from Google on the Hot Seat, and it was great.

There were a ton of live bloggers typing away after everyone of Cutts words.

There were only around 15 questions asked and many were repetitive or silly.

Question 1: What is a typical day like at Google?

Answer: A lot of fun, new things come up everyday…… (typical answer)

Question 2: What’s the deal with Paid links?

Answer: The Official Google Blog shows a history of this topic. … Organic results are better for users.

There were many other questions, all of which I felt “avoided” the really good stuff. I mean .. of course he is Matt Cutts, and we are at a conference where I saw a man wearing a t-shirt that said “Don’t Tell Matt Cutts”…but come on!

For More on the Keynote Coffee Chat with Matt Cutts, read the Search Engine Round Table Recap.


2 Responses to “Matt Cutts on the Hot Seat”

  1. john andrews Says:

    hah hah that was me wearing the “Don’t Tell Matt Cutt’s” t-shirt. It was a gift from the fine folks at, and I thought it was great. Matt laughed at it and urged me to wear it.

  2. frozen2late Says:

    Man I loved that shirt!! How can other people get one?

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