Las Vegas: A Place for Marketers

December 6, 2007

Having been in theLas Vegas Hilton marketing industry for a few years now, I am noticing significant trends at networking events and the differences in people within the industry.

Marketers of the “old school” persuasion usually go to events to:

  • buy/sell
  • examine competition
  • get out of the office
  • meet clients
  • get free shwag

Marketers of the “new school” persuasion go to networking events for those reasons as well. However, this is the lifestyle. If you are an online marketer, you cannot miss important networking events. Networking= business.

Branding yourself as an online marketer, in Las Vegas at one of the largest conventions of the year is tricky. I see many people here who are really working hard at branding themselves as online marketers and I see many “Superstars” whose faces are well known by everyone, and have celebrity status amongst the convention.

The simplest strategy for online marketers:

  1. Come to networking events as a brand. example: Shoemoney has a name, but it doesn’t matter because he has created a successful brand, and everybody in Vegas knows Shoemoney.
  2. Get Known in your community. Many people here are great at networking, quick hello, introduction, 30- second pitch, wink, smile, business card, and move on. (This produces links)
  3. Start Conversations. The best thing about Pubcon, and other networking events is building relationships. Creating real life relationships with people in the industry are insanely beneficial. These are the people who will vote for your stories, send you traffic, give advice, and buy you drinks- and it is a mutual relationship!

The WynnTwo days at Pubcon, has really given a crash course on the industry. There are many “to-dos” at the convention, and a lot to learn as the industry keeps changing. One thing that sticks to mind is a quote from Rae Hoffman at her session: “If your an online marketer and you not marketing yourself, how will your clients believe you can market them?”

Stephanie Since many people say I don’t look like my picture….. If you see me and recognize me… say hello!


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