Alternative Discovery and SEO

December 6, 2007
  Alternative Discovery and SEO – Feeds, PDF’s, and Blog SEO

Rick Klau

Moderator: Joe Laratro
Rick Klau, Strategic Partner Development , Google
Stephan Spencer, Founder & President , Netconcepts
George Aspland, Founder & President, eVision, LLC

Rick Klau, Strategic Partner Development for Google, was an excellent speaker who discussed the “no index” rule that both Google and Yahoo are respecting for RSS feeds.  Klau, who used to be with Feedburner, discussed how Feedburner offers free pro features now that they have been acquired by Google.  Klau also recommends feeding any site content for SEO purposes.  A site feed acts as a poor man’s site map, interesting!

For serious bloggers, Klau recommends checking out, which is a site that analyzes similar content and shows relationships.

Looking for more ways of distributing content? Klau recommends using Facebook professionally and importing your blog feed to distribute your RSS to all of your friends.

Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts gave the best blogging advice I have ever heard.  He gave quick tips, that are helpful and to the point.  You can read all of his blogging tips on his blog.


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