Loathing in Las Vegas

December 4, 2007

Thank goodness for meditation. This morning’s 6 hours flight into Vegas flight like so much more. Heavy winds out of JFK delayed take off and the flight took forever. I got into Las Vegas today around noon and I am so anxious for PubCon to start!

The Las Vegas Hilton is swarming with old ladies smoking Capris and PubCon early birds. There aren’t many places to eat at the Hilton but at least it is very close to the Convention Center.

My hotel room has two mysterious doors that are locked and lead to other rooms. That is something I do not like. But at least I got a King Size bed!

I plan to update sporadically about the conference and take as many pictures as possible for those of my friends who couldn’t make it out here.

Here are some pictures:

The Las Vegas Convention Center from my floor

My work station

I am really looking forward to meeting the SEO Chicks, Dave Davis, Brian Darrow, Jeannine Crooks, and other Facebook friends!

If you are in town, send me an e-mail. Let’s hook up!


4 Responses to “Loathing in Las Vegas”

  1. Dave Davis Says:

    Hey, we just got in. I’m in room 541. Give me a call, we’re going for some food and drinks.

  2. frozen2late Says:

    Hey I am in 2731… I was going to head on to the Wynn but would love to meet up!

  3. Stephanie…it was so nice to finally meet you, and sorry we didn’t get to hang out more.

  4. frozen2late Says:

    Hey Julie!

    I was so nice to meet you and your husband. I also wish we got to hang out more but it seemed like everything was so hectic!

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