Countdown to Pubcon Las Vegas 2007!

November 26, 2007

There is only one week left until my very first convention in the online marketing industry.   As I previously posted, I am attending alone and representing Flower Publishing & myself.  I am very excited but also very nervous.  Not only is this the first time I am traveling completely alone, but also being the first convention I am attending I am curious as to what to expect.

I am most interested in hearing Matt Cutts speak.  I am an avid reader of his blog and his important advice on the industry is extremely valuable. Of course, I am also looking forward to seeing Craig Newmark of Craigslist.

As an online marketer, I am most interested in networking.  I am very excited to meet and talk to other online marketers.  I want to hear success stories, as well as “not so much success” stories.  Being new to the industry, I am experiencing many hardships that I am sure my seniors have gone through and it would be great to hear some motivating stories rather than popping an Advil at 3AM due to a client headache.

I can’t wait to meet the people behind the ranking.   The people behind the top Sphinns,  the publishers of my favorite blogs and sites, and the experts.

I will be staying at the Las Vegas Hilton and I arrive on Monday at Noon.  If anyone else will be attending PubCon and has any advice for a “Newbie” please comment.

I want to know everything!  How many outfits should I bring? What is the dress code for sessions? What is the food like? How much extra money should I expect to spend? How do I get free shwag? What is an average drink price?… Things like that.

Any knowledge is greatly appreciated!


5 Responses to “Countdown to Pubcon Las Vegas 2007!”

  1. Dave Davis Says:

    Hey Stephanie, two of us from Ireland heading over. It’s actually my first US conference too but I assume it follows the same structure as the European ones.

    I travelled alone for almost two years (backpacking) and I assure you, you have nothing to worry about. Traveling alone is awesome! As for networking at these events, you will be VERY surprised how easy it is. We’re all in the same boat, there for the same reasons and as you know from being one, the SEM community is VERY friendly.

    Regarding how many outfits, being a fella, I couldn’t tell you but on the topic of dress code, I dress business casual or casual. Just look up youtube or flickr for videos and pictures of previous years to see how everyone is dressed.

    I was in Vegas last year on a non conference related trip 😉 and I can tell you that you will spend a lot on food and drink if you are not gambling (and more if you are!). I’d say bring $200 per day to be on the safe side.

    Make sure you sign up for the sphinn meetup and the purposinc poker event too.

    BTW, we are staying in the Hilton too and arrive about the same time. No doubt I will see you there.

  2. frozen2late Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for the advice. I look forward to meeting you and your crew. I hope that many other people are staying at the Hilton.
    I will definitely join the Sphinn meet up. I love Sphinn!

    The last time I was in Vegas, I was 17. But I am not into gambling. However, Vegas has some crazy theme rides, which I hope to have time to enjoy.

    See you in Vegas!


  3. Dave Davis Says:

    HAHAHA, yea, the roller coaster in circuscircus is … interesting. I’ve never felt so unsafe, but that added to the thrill I guess.

    There are LOADS of others staying at the Hilton, it is the cheapest hotel on teh strip after all 😉

    Safe journey and see you there!

  4. Purposeonc Says:

    You will be very welcome at Pubcon. Most of the guys were wearing t-shirts and jeans, or an untucked dress shirt. There were very few girls there. I would think being one of the girls there alone will make you very loved!

    I am sure you will have tons of fun!

    Say hello if you see me,

  5. frozen2late Says:


    I am definitely looking forward to the Poker Game!

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