4 Ways to Improve The SEO Chicks Blog

November 21, 2007

Today, I was tagged by Julie Joyce from the SEO-Chicks to give my 4 Ways to Improve the SEO Chicks Blog. She even referred to me as her “new best friend”. Of course I feel really cool right now. Trying to shove my enlarged ego aside, I began to run through my 4,700 SEO blog feeds to think about what my advice would be.

We all read so many SEO blogs all day. If you are one for time management, you might place aside an hour or two early in your day just to read what people in the industry are talking about. Chances are they are all talking about the same thing; the state of SEO, Marketing on Social Networks, Google Page Ranks, the levels of “true” popularity on Digg, Reddit, Sphinn, content blogging, and so on. After a while, it gets really boring to read the same thing over and over again. This is one thing I love, love, love about SEO-Chicks, they don’t find the need to post overdone subjects, instead they make fun of it. SEO Chicks

This list was a bit hard to put together, being I am such a fan of the SEO-Chicks, but here is goes:

  1. Add more “Just For Fun” posts. As I stated early, sometimes I get really bored reading blogs. I loved the “Master-Baiter” t-shirt post by Lisa, and I know for a fact tons of other people really appreciated that joke as well. I would love it if more people in the industry could show their sense of humor and personality instead of blogging like robots.
  2. Post content about project success and failure. I read this advice on Dosh-Dosh once and it made so much sense. We all learn from our mistakes, but it’s best to pass the knowledge gained around. With a collective group of successful women in the industry, I am sure there have been many positive and negative experiences in the industry that “newbies”, like myself would benefit from reading.
  3. Gadget Reviews! I am addicted to reading posts on the newest gadgets coming out. I would love to know what the “chicks” are using as far as phones, Video & Music Players (Julie, that must be important to you!), PDA’s, etc.
  4. Finally, I will throw in (again) to add a Guest Writer section. I was told it was in the works, but I definitely want to see that happen because there are soo many talented women in the industry. I would love to read what they all have to say! It would be super hot to throw all of the guests pictures up there and just have a “Women of SEO” Gallery.

Thanks Julie, I can’t wait to meet you and the Chicks at PubCon in Vegas. I have a feeling we will talk about music a lot! I can’t wait to see the new and improved SEO-Chicks.

PS- Can I buy a shirt at the Convention?


5 Responses to “4 Ways to Improve The SEO Chicks Blog”

  1. Excellent post Stephanie. I am glad I chose you and not Ekky Ashgar. He’s a great big los…he’s really very sweet. The gadget reviews is really a great idea actually. I could wax rhapsodic about my iPhone if I ever get it back from having the damn battery replaced!

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  3. Hi Stephanie,

    Great post! Some great advice there =) I totally agree with learning from your mistakes point of view. that’s what its all about, learning from mistakes and so on. Will do a few posts with examples on that actually, great tip!

    Glad you liked the “master baiter” joke, I laughed for hours, I work in a Marketing Agency with mostly designer type people, they NEVER get my jokes and just think I’m slightly crazy =)

    You rock!


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  5. I wish you could get a t-shirt at the convention but they are all done through Spreadshirt and Cafe Press.

    I like the European version through Spreadshirt better than the US version but please buy a shirt from either or both – it helps support the blog and makes us feel loved

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