Facebook for Business: This Changes Everything.

November 12, 2007

I recently took a short hiatus of a few days just to catch up. I come back and all of a sudden there is Facebook business. So I quickly go over to my favorite Facebook blog: Face Reviews and read this: ” The New Facebook Pages just went live 2 hours ago. Business, bands, etc. can now set up a Facebook Pages page. This is really a pretty solid experience and bug free right out of the gate. This is an easy way to get your brand onto facebook. The features are fairly robust and work very similarly to facebook groups. Except there are actually pushes of data to tell people about action from the pages. Nice! You can actually have “Fans” which is kind of cool.”

After taking a look into each section, it seems really wonderful. However, it is really confusing to search for other businesses, bands, artists, etc. Or that could just be me. I’m sure as time goes on, most people in the Social Media realm will catch on, changes will be made, and it will be another great tool to promote business online. It almost makes it simple enough to sell your product online without even having to have a website……Oh wait- That’s exactly what it’s doing!

After building your companies Facebook Page, you can promote your page to your target audience, Create Polls, Research your target, Get stats, etc. There is even an Overview section where you can track your progress with traffic reports. Of course I believe you still have to track your own sales.

It really is quite complex! You can add just about anything to your page and utilize different applications as well. Kind of makes me wonder what level of success I could have brought my band to with this tool, considering how we used our Myspace, and we did that the hard way (sending single messages to potential fans). We were lucky if we sold one t-shirt in a month.

In my opinion, Facebook Pages should be kept simple like Red’s. It is important to supply enough gloss to the page to promote the actual product but I certainly do not want to see things “pimped out” or blinking. The true appeal to Facebook is that it is consistent on keeping things simple….with the exception of Applications (which I will get into at another time).

For more updates on Facebook Business- read the Face Reviews Blog.


One Response to “Facebook for Business: This Changes Everything.”

  1. Oren Says:

    Nice post about facebooks new business pages. I have to admit though, seeing how their ads are presented increases my level of paranoia.
    I just can’t agree with my image being used to promote other products and services but from an advertisers standpoint, I’ll definitely be testing these options.

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