Brightens Up My Day!

November 7, 2007

     Amongst the many blogs that I love on my feed, one of them is  Even though I would love it to be updated way more than it is, informs me of daily freebies and sales happening all over the web.

Today I checked out slickdeals and found out some awesome deals. One of them being a sale on Paste Magazine.  The music magazine that comes with a cd sampler of new artists on the rise.

With all the special deals out their happening in the music industry. Paste Magazine decided to join the “pay what you want” revolution, and offer a year subscription with 11 free sampler cd’s for a price you decide. This might remind you of what Radiohead did with their latest release, In Rainbows.  

Like anyone who doesn’t make enough money to enjoy things like fancy music magazines, I paid the minimum …. $1.

It’s a limited time deal, so name your price and get this awesome magazine now! 


4 Responses to “ Brightens Up My Day!”

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  2. zakmote Says:

    WOOOOW NIce post 🙂

  3. Andrea Says:

    Nice post indeed.

    I had been using SlickDeals + FatWallet for years now, and have recently found which combines these 2 sites in one (along with some more).

    I like getting only ‘one’ RSS feeds for all my sites, and managing email alerts for deals in one place (rather than having to setup alerts in 2 places… slickdeals and fatwallet).

  4. freecbc Says:

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