Monkeys can do SEO?!

October 26, 2007

I am a fan of the SEO Chicks Blog.

I love the content they have and I am a fan of women hard at work in this powerful industry.  But today they blogged about Monkeys doing SEO. Obviously, they were trying to state how easy it was to do SEO.

Yes, Chimps are smart and communicate very well. They are the closest related animals to humans. And maybe it’s that I haven’t met many talented humans but I am positive that it is not so.

Yes, 12 year olds sometimes do a better job at SEO than older people with degrees in Internet Marketing.  But SEO can be very hard.  To do SEO well and receive good ROI, it takes skill and attention.  It takes somebody who is willing to change work flow at the drop of a… banana.

Maybe it was a content filler.  I am just stepping through the door of this industry and I learn something everyday.  It is a very complex industry and takes people who are truly dedicated to the work and the late nights.  Do monkeys have this attentiveness?

I would love a chance to interview one of the girls from SEO-chicks and get their advice.  If it is so easy, hook a sister up!


10 Responses to “Monkeys can do SEO?!”

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for reading our blog =) Glad you like it!

    I totally understand how you feel, I don’t think SEO is as easy as Julie makes out. She just doesn’t realise how damn smart she is!! What I think she means though is that it’s alot of logic to doing SEO, but logic and the obivous is not always obvious to everyone. Basically the obvious is only obvious once you know it! Trust me nothing of this was obvious to me when I first started out in SEO 3 years ago!

    Me or Julie would be happy to give you an interview (ha! I’m offering Julie her on a plate, she doesn’t know it yet!) Send me an email and we will be happy to answer any questions.

    Thanks again for reading our blog =) The force is strong with you ;0)


  2. Julie Joyce Says:

    Um, remember a chimp is an ape not a monkey. And the post was not actually intended to be a serious commentary on SEO. Holy crap.

  3. Julie Joyce Says:

    I meant that comment in the nicest possible way too. I was just a bit blown away that anyone took it seriously…it was a bit of fun after all the “my pagerank has died!” posts that we’re seeing everywhere. OK yeah I wrote one too but still!

  4. frozen2late Says:

    I fully recognized the post as humorous… my post was a shot back at your humor with my own. I just actually was trying to get an interview with you … as mentioned in my post.

    Hopefully I got your attention 🙂

  5. Julie Joyce Says:

    Yeah good job. Crap. After I got so worked up thinking someone took me seriously for once, I was out of control for about 5 minutes, but I’m calm now. I would be honored to do an interview! Will you ask me about Adam Ant??

    Um yes you did get my attention. Nicely done. It was our first potential bit of controversy and I was all over it like stink on a pig. Sorry. Can I at least lay the blame on caffeine or something?


  6. nycpocket Says:


    As I sip my second cup of coffee….

    Actually I really appreciate the change in content from all the Page Rank blogs.
    I will contact you in regards to an interview.. I’m really excited because SEO- Chicks is one of my favorite blogs!


  7. iwillfearnoevil Says:

    darn, they have internet marketing degrees now? seems a lot more valuable now than my computer science degree 😦 however good job stephanie, i’ve never seen ape bait used so well before!

  8. […] I even poked fun at SEO Chick, Julie Joyce’s post about Chimp’s doing SEO. Really it was just a call to her attention to be able to interview her. As stalkerish as it seems, I really enjoyed reading her posts. […]

  9. […] Stephanie made her utterly brilliant move of intentional misinterpretation of my chimps post, she was completely outsmarting me. It’s kind of horrible that I was so […]

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