Why doesn’t T-Mobile support Facebook?!

October 23, 2007

There are so many neat things you can do using Facebook Mobile. You can update your Status & Upload your mobile pictures. Facebook currently supports every carrier except for T-Mobile. So where do I send my complaints!?

My feed today shows pictures uploaded by a mobile device and I can’t do it. How is this going to fly when I plan on getting a Blackberry Curve in a few months. I am pretty much stuck with T-Mobile until I die anyway.

I plan to write T-Mobile and Facebook an e-mail demanding to know why they have yet to collaborate. You’d think T-Mobile, the trendy phone provider would be up with things like Facebook. I just don’t understand.

Should I switch plans? Is T-Mobile even worthy of my membership knowing that they are not involved with my most favorite Social Media Website ever?

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22 Responses to “Why doesn’t T-Mobile support Facebook?!”

  1. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Calm down…

    You’ll be very pleased soon enough 🙂

  2. frozen2late Says:

    Hello Coward,

    I need more information! When I google this topic I find somebodies twitter- http://twitter.com/ThomAllen/statuses/86141942

    I am very impatient.

  3. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Try Googling again now 🙂

  4. frozen2late Says:

    Ooh you are right. I am very pleased.

  5. Jessica Says:

    Ughhhh, I am so mad about this too! I WANT MY FACEBOOK ON TMOBILE!!!!!

  6. Kim Says:

    Google news doesn’t show the story anymore. What was the good news?

  7. frozen2late Says:

    It said that there will soon be Faceberry- Facebook for Blackberry

  8. […] as I wrote about previously, T-mobile cannot access Facebook.  Which for me is a huge disadvantage.    The only updating I […]

  9. sharz Says:

    When you try to sign up to Facebook Mobile in the UK, the only mobile service provider you can use it with is O2 currently.
    I’m on T-Mobile UK and am very surprised that this is not available. Am seriously considering moving to O2 but it’s a shame ‘cos T-Mobile offer some great deals otherwise…

    Are there any plans in the near future for T-Mobile UK and Facebook to work together?

  10. Byron Orpheus Says:

    I just bought a Sidekick LX… I love T-Mobile. They have excellent deals and the Sidekick just kicks ass (where else can I get unlimited data and SMS for $20/mo?). The lack of T-Mobile support for Facebook Mobile is extremely irritating. I like to go GeoHashing, which means that I may not always be in range of an EDGE network when I’m out taking pictures of what I see at the proper coordinates for a given day.

    *sigh* I really should just say “fuck it” and stick with MySpace. I mean, when you get right down to it, what’s the difference?

  11. LA Says:

    Yaarrghhh! Just one more reason that I can’t wait to get rid of this stupid carrier. I bought a Dash to help get me through the next year of my contract, but now I can’t even use facebook from my expensive smartphone?? Worst. carrier. ever.

  12. SEA Says:

    Aug 2, 08
    Sorry but its still not here!

  13. Jeff Says:

    You can do this with a blackberry since it has a FB app however u need to pay for he service or it’s useless.

  14. dottie Says:

    i hate not having facebook mobile i had cingular and i had it but then i had to change companies and t-mobile sucks thier phones arent that great the side kick is over rated and they suck i cant ever get reception anywhere but with cingular i could in elevators if t-mobile had fb mobile i would be the happiest person ever hell i would spend a lot of money on phone stuff if they did

  15. Pete Says:

    Check it out, I went to Facebook on my T-Mobile blackberry just this afternoon and it asked me if I wanted to download the Facebook for Blackberry app. Works great so far.

    Have fun.

  16. kris Says:

    i dont kno wat u guys are complaining about? just go onto ur phone and go to facebook.com. not only can u change ur status and stuff like that, but u get the entire site and go onto other ppls pages and look at pics and videos. y would u want to just be able to look at status’? i have a tmobile Dash and it works perfect. It worked just as good on my old sidekick.

  17. kris Says:

    o and tmobile is an awesome carrier btw. for 130$ i have 3 lines with infinite minutes, infinite txts, infinite internet, and infinite everything. verizon has 200$ for like 2000 minutes for one line and like 100 txts. so u tell me whos carrier is better. i had verizon and i hated it. the service is horrible, customre help is like askin a kindergardener for tech help, and the bill is a surprise everytime u get it.

  18. Justin Casey Zrite Says:

    Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of facebook, and he could easily buy T-Mobile with the spare change in his pockets. If we get enough people to email Mark and encourage him to do so, I’m sure he would fix this annoying problem. While we’re at it, we ought to have him buy Coca~Cola and Pepsi, then force them to kiss and make up.

  19. James Says:

    Did someone say “You’ll be very pleased soon enough” on October 24, 2007? Isn’t it over a year later and still nothing? Come on already, what’s the holdup on T-Mobile??

  20. david Says:

    i have the wing… and i cant even search for facebook with google… is it really that bad?

  21. Val Says:

    I think the reason why facebook dosnt support T-Mobile is this…

    -Google Owns MySpace,
    -FaceBook is in compition with myspace..
    -Google is also in Agreement with T-Mobile with the G1 and all
    -Therefor, if Facebook is to Accept T-Mobile, they would be supporting Google, which owns MySpace

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