I <3 Stumble Upon!

October 23, 2007

Today I was feeling overwhelmed with work. I spent all morning thinking about launching CLC, all afternoon thinking about my NYC Pocket Clients, and of course my personal ventures. Everyone has days like this, when you have so many ideas floating around your head that you run to your computer or search for a pen to write them down and POOF! the idea is gone and will appear tomorrow morning while you are in the shower, of course…penless.

Of course tomorrow I will go on a frenzy, organizing and planning out the week and everything will be OK. I decided to spend five minutes Stumbling. The first thing that came up was this picture:

What a concept. I spend weeks in an Ashram studying Vedic Philosophy, Meditate, practice yoga… and it really is quite simple.


One Response to “I <3 Stumble Upon!”

  1. Somah Says:

    Hello stephanie…..I love stumbleupon too…thanks very much!!!

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