Industry Blogging is Dead

December 7, 2008

What am I really supposed to write about?

Should I write about how print is dying and magazine blogging has taken over?
…Okay wrote about it.

Now that the magazine world is almost fully caught up to the blog world, where does that leave industry bloggers?

I only read twitter and lolcats.

sorry 😦


Flying on Fios

September 15, 2008

After over a month of waiting, I finally got Fios installed.  I ranted an raved on my Twitter about how it was

such a pain to get these people on the phone and set up an install time and a package.  They screwed up my

order, couldn’t find my destination.. but then they found my tweets.

The Fios twitter guy

sent me a DM and tried to help me.  I am sure that they wanted me to shut up on Twitter.

The guy, Mike, came promptly at 8 AM and even let me have some time to wake up.  He went right to work and then took a lunch break.  He had some issues and wasn’t even able to set up the Fios software on my Mac because their software wasn’t Mac compatible.  It was funny because the install guy didn’t even recognize my Mac book.  He messed up the WEP password because he said he had “fat fingers” and had a hard time typing.  They were both learning how to install FIOS but were happy about it because they were bored setting up the past way.

They did not look like the “jerk face fios guy” who used the Bindle to do installs.  They didn’t even have the Bindle.  They had little beeper things and crappy little Tough Books.  But they did a good job.  I am flying!  My internet is so fast!

I also spent over a month with no Cable TV.  Thank god for HULU.  Without Hulu I wouldn’t be watching so many great new shows like Arrested Development. So, now I can watch anything (including client channels).  I am watching HBO and the other movie channels and I have DVR! I was so bored…

Now even Ish can wacth TV because before this he was watching himself on Youtube.

New Facebook is GREAT!

September 12, 2008

For the past month or so I have been playing around with the new Facebook.  It changed again the other day, and it was broken for an entire day.  I was losing my mind.  I am noticing that many of my non – internet – marketer friends are still not on the new Facebook as I believe we are still 30% away of everyone utilizing the new Facebook.

There is instant hate when people use the new Facebook.  However, it grows on you.

What I love about the new Facebook :

  1. The ability to comment on your friend status
  2. Live feed
  3. Ability to filter out  your feeds from Pictures, posts, updates, & top stories. This gives me much more organization as my friends list continues to grow.
  4. Application bar at bottom with favicons.
  5. Notification red flags. It is super important to know when I have an update (Even though I get it on my Blackberry too).

There are plenty of things I don’t like… including the top and bottom Application section (have to please the big spenders!) .. But since things are currently changing I will wait to post a “Things I don’t like about the new Facebook” post later!

I Officially Don’t Like Plurk

July 3, 2008

I officially don’t like Plurk.

From a User perspective, it is messy.  I am not used to navigating horizontally and it feels uncomfortable for me to do so.  I also don’t like having to chose or having the option to chose words like; gives, wants, hates, loves, feels, pukes.. Oops I meant plurks.

There is always 134090327 unread messages.

The only things I do like is the ability to embed media into the “plurks” and the fluidity of conversation.

Since those things are key, there is a possibility that I won’t always be a hater.

Twitter can break down all it wants to… I’m still a fan.

Frozen2Late’s Personal Blog

June 14, 2008

It dawned on me that since my last post, people might disappointed that I am cutting down on my blogging and putting more efforts into working. Things are very busy at work and I just simply don’t have time to blog about things that have been talked about a million times over. Plus, I have the best blog in the world to blog for, The SEO Chicks.

For anyone who still cares about me, reads my twitter and still wants to know more…weird… I also have a personal blog. It is a blogspot blog, not fancy and pretty old. Nothing too personal of course, but fun none the less. I realized that I have been blogging for about 7 years now, but on a different domain.  You might have to do some detective work to see the older blog.

You can read the official Frozen2late personal blog if you feel like you might miss me here. On the blog is a feed from my Youtube Channel, and updates on what I do at work and in my free time.


Sick of The Blogosphere

June 13, 2008

Okay, it’s official.. I am sick of reading blogs.  I no longer want to read “social media” or “SEO” type blogs because they are honestly not saying anything new.  When I was first starting out, they were great, but now it is just the same old thing for a popularity contest.  Once something new comes out that is embraced, like Plurk, everyone rushes to their blog to be the first one to talk about it.  That’s fine.. and I get it but… I am too busy to care about blogging about these new tools and sites.  When something comes out, lets just assume I am using it!

I am also kind of sick of SEO blogs that are written in complete buzz words. Everyone is afraid of blogging seriously now because they might be accused of using poor strategies.  My opinion, if you a good strategist… you are probably too busy WORKING to blog.

I really respect bloggers who have slowed it down a bit and have decided to discontinue reading those bloggers who create bad SEO link bait to get traffic.  Sorry… I am too busy working to read these blogs now.

By no means am I upset about any of this.  I love my Twitter because I can see my peers links to their blog posts with titles and if I am interested, I will read it.  I no longer have to even go to my RSS reader.  In my opinion, if it is a Social Media or SEO blog and it is not using Twitter, than it is a bad blog. However, I am still reading some entertainment and music blogs through a reader.

From now on I am only going to use this blog when there is something really worth writing about.

Executing Social Media L.A. Wrap Up

May 23, 2008

Executing Social Media L.A.

The Executing Social Media conference this year has produced many strong connections and have proved many wrong. A lot of people had great experiences being able to sit in on round-tables that discussed exactly what they needed to talk about and for others, it was just going over a lot of the same buzz words over and over again. But the great thing is that everyone participated. Whether you played the role of a teacher or a student you gained a ton of knowledge on socializing on social media which is topic I feel many people have a hard time explaining.

Got to meet Brian Solis of PR 2.0 who explained social bookmarking and networking sites and potential PR disasters and successes within them.

The one issue that really struck a chord with me is, Where is all of this going? The Future of Social Media, written by Jackie Peters for Mashable. Peter Shankman spoke on a lot of topics that I am sure people are thinking about with clear minds now. Everyone is always so consumed with how unorganized social spaces are, and naturally as an expert in his field, he reassured us that there will have to be a method to the madness soon. His thought, the future of social media is one grid, one feed, opt in or just watch. It’s really fascinating if you think about it.

One very important thing learned and reinforced by the pros is the necessary purchase of the Flip TV camera. First pointed out by Phil Gomes when he shared an interactive review of the ESM Live Will it Blend of a Rake. Showing how 3 minute videos are more powerful than commercial, more engaging, and can be put into interactive forums with communities like PR Open Mic.

Mental Note- order Flip TV Camera before getting back to NYC!!

flip tv camera

To see the Twitter feed of what things were being discussed at ESM, check the Summize of #ESM. Additionally, I have posted some videos on the Frozen2Late YouTube Channel.

On the plane ride back to NYC I am going to write some more in depth posts for the Morpheus Media MLog and the SEO- Chicks.

Is there anything you want to hear about specifically?!

Executing Social Media, Interactive Conference

May 19, 2008

I apologize for the lack of updating, I have been super busy at Morpheus Media. We are working on some amazing things over there, and in the midst of it all I have neglected this blog!

This week I will be attending Executing Social Media, Interactive Conference & Workshops in Los Angeles, California.  I was really interested in this conference, not only because it is purely about Social Media, but because it is an intimate conference with round-tables called; “How can brands survive in the new media universe?”, “Best Practices in Creating Online Communities”, and “Don’t Just Join, Participate and Contribute.”

Those titles definitely get me excited!  Additionally, Brian Solis will be speaking. I have been reading his PR 2.0 blog for quite some time now.  You might know him for

I am very excited because this will also be my first time in Los Angeles, California. And I am definitely interested in getting out of NYC for a little bit.

Definitely expect some more posts out of me here and over at SEO Chicks during the next week!

Social Media Mafia: The Big Sitdown in NYC

April 25, 2008

Last night was definitely a fun night.  Conversations made more sense than the last episode of The Sopranos, thats for sure.  Might be because I got to have dinner with the Conversation masters, members of the Social Media Mafia.

I got to meet a lot of wonderful people who were all in NYC for PodCampNYC. I love meeting Twitter efficient people who live cast and know how to bicker back and forth.


It was definitely a please to meet Chris Hambly, founder of the Social Media Mafia.

Fellow musician Jody Gnant from Pheonix who livecasts on Ustream about her life and her music.

David Blumenstein, who lives in one of my favorite neightborhoods and  assured me he has been involved in the internet since the 70’s (which is awesome).

Marshall Sponder, artist and web analyst from Brooklyn who handed me a really neat looking card with a self portrait on it.

Christine Cavalier & Annie Boccio, who from what I hear on Twitter is awesome at PodCampNYC.

And Julia Roy, who I have been following on Twitter and Facebook for a while and definitely was a pleasure to meet and share pizza with!

…Hope I wasn’t in too many Qik videos!

PC+Stephanie= Fail

April 21, 2008

A long time ago I wrote about how I wanted to finally switch from PC to Mac.  I ended up getting a new job, using a mini Mac and learning a whole lot more about them.  I never ended up actually buying a Macbook because it just wasn’t entirely neccesary to make the purchase yet. 

Now that I am doing some more work from home, I am ultimately confused when it comes to speaking the PC langauge. I really hate constantly switching now that I love working on Mac’s. 

I got really fustrated today and messed up my computer.  I deleted some important things and not being a IT genius and being irratated… I am ready to throw this thing in the garbage.  But instead I might just take it into the IT dept. at work for them to take a loot at it.

Any advice for buying a Mac? I am definitely going to do it by next week.